scorcese According to an anonymous source, KevJumba and Justin Chon will star in Andrew Lau's new movie Revenge 
of the Green Dragons, produced by Martin Scorcese. Originally scheduled for April, shooting is now 
scheduled to begin in NYC in June. Revenge of the Green Dragons is set during the 1980s,
 so New Yorkers can keep an eye out for a mullet-wearing KevJumba all
 summer (the mullet is reportedly hair extensions). Justin Chon (Twilight, 21 And Over) is allegedly even learning
 Chinese for the lead role.

 Martin Scorsese, who won his only Oscar to date for The Departed, his adaptation of Andrew Lau's Internal Affairs, is an executive producer for the project. Revenge of the Green Dragons is an action-thriller based on a New 
Yorker article about real-life accounts of the Chinese underworld in