Actress Lee Min Jung, who is also the wife of actor Lee Byung Hun, seems to be keeping herself confined to her parents' home after news of her husband's messy blackmail scandal involving two other women broke loose. 

In early September, Lee Min Jung was abroad visiting Paris for a friend's wedding when the events of her husband's blackmail took place. Lee Min Jung arrived back in Korea on September 16, and instead of going to the home she shared with Lee Byung Hun, she went to stay with her parents. There seem to be various rumors floating around pertaining to Lee Min Jung's emotional and mental status.

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The biggest rumor floating out there is that she doesn't leave her parents' home unless she has a work commitment. She's is also rumored to have visited her marital home with Lee Byung Hun's mother, and a supposed "housekeeper" confirmed that yes, she has visited the home. However, it seems that various media outlets, although each with conflicting reports on her status, supposedly agree that she having gone to the home with her mother-in-law is not true.

 In reality it just seems like she's laying low and letting her husband deal with his mess on his own. Also, the housekeeper, if it was really her housekeeper, could be telling the truth. Lee Min Jung easily could have stopped by the house for a simple reason such as grabbing a few personal items.

Do you think its alright for Lee Min Jung to spend a little extra time inside, or, even though it's difficult, should she be out and about enjoying the other good things in her life?

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