It's not uncommon in the world of celebrity for a rumor or two to arise about who's dating who. What's less common is having a pot stirrer like Kim Woo Bin on hand to peak speculation. But all in good fun...we think. On the recent special episode of School 2013, the cast was seen eating food that Lee Jong Suk's fans sent over to them. Yum yum yum. Park Se Young moved over to the table and whispered something into Lee Jong Suk's ear.  It was at this moment that Kim Woo Boon turned to the camera and announced they were dating. The maybe couple quickly turned to the camera and motioned that it was NOT, in fact, true. Park Se Young then turned to Kim Woo Bin and said, "Even if it's a joke, don't say something like that."  Looks like someone got school'd!

lee jong suk

What do you think: Couple or not?