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An unsubstantiated rumor on the Pann site claims that a sasaeng "fan" gave BAP's Himchan coffee to drink laced with constipation medicine and oil. According to the poster, who claims to have received a text message describing the situation from a friend, the sasaeng "fan" met Himchan during promotions for Power and handed him coffee. While all of this is rumor at this point, it's a disturbing scenario that it has fans alarmed.
Here is the text message in question. See below for translation.
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[Translation of Text]
A girl I know is a BAP fan, but she's a bit creepy. What do we do with the b????
Was it during BAP's Power era? That time when BAP was arriving, she gave Himchan something. I asked her what she gave him, she said she gave him coffee with constipation medicine;;;;;; So I wondered if Himchan had constipation and thought she was gave it to be considerate. But the day she gave that to Himchan she asked Himchan if he ate it on his way out, and he looked a bit thin and pale and said he ate it. That day I came home and watched the video of the performance, and Himchan's face was white and he messed up on the choreography. He stumbled backstage and hurt his hip on the equipment, then he went on stage and almost hurt his arm. The girl thought it was because of her and thought it was funny and said she had to do it again and said BAP has to hurry and come back. 
I told her she was crazy and not to do it, but still;;; she says this time she'll give him something even stronger. What do we do with the bitch.
Fans have speculated that this occurred prior to the Music Bank performance below. According to netizen reaction, "Himchan is sweating a lot, his face is pale, and he messes up the choreography, rams into the equipment and that's why he hurt his hip."
"Sasaeng" are known for their fanatical and extreme interactions with celebrities, including stalking and much more serious crimes. We hope that this is all just a rumor.