We've known the members of Running Man have a great sense of humor and outrageous fun. With the recent news about The Empress of China drama being considered too sexy by Chinese authorities and later being forced to edit out the cleavage shots, one Running Man funny guy, Ji Suk Jin, couldn't resist posting a Photoshop masterpiece that's guaranteed to poke your funny bone!

Ji Suk Jin posted this hilarious Photoshopped collage to his Weibo social media account.  

See the funny cast members in action on the latest episode of Running Man:

How do you think our Running Man members compare to the beautiful actress Fan Bingbing, who plays Empress Wu in The Empress of China?

Which Running Man member do you think looks the best and might catch the Emperor's eyes?

I hope the same Chinese officials who frowned on the cleavage will find the Running Man photo funny. 

~ NancyZdramaland

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