Singer Soya opened up about Running Man hero Kim Jong Kook's off-the-air personality.

Soya sang songs from her second album and opened up about her uncle Kim Jong Kook on the live K-pop show Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook last Friday.

In a talk following the performance, she showed her affection for Kim Jong Kook.

Soya said, "I heard uncle thinks I need to improve singing skills. Uncle can't say harsh things like that. I heard from someone else." She added, "He has a very tender heart."

Before her debut in 2010, she sang actress Song Hye Gyo's theme song in her 2008 drama The World That They Live In

Soya collaborated with rapper KK for the second album, called My Team, Other Team, which came out on January 29. Soya's mother is a fashion designer who designed Kim Jong Kook's costumes when he was part of Turbo, the 1990s boy duo group. Soya said she dreamed of becoming a singer at the age of 5, watching uncle Kim Jong Kook sing in Turbo.

Watch the Running Man hero Kim Jong Kook's performance on the latest episode:

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