Running Man has been on shaky ground since December, when they had kicked out Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook and enraged the loyal fans. On Monday, April 3, 2017, Running Man took a step forward to restore its original fame and glory.

Actress Jeon So Min (One Percent of Something, Maids) and comedian Yang Sae Chan filmed their first episode of Running Man yesterday. They were recruited because Running Man loved their chemistry with the original cast members when they had starred as guests. This time, Running Man production team asked the cast for their opinion on the new faces before deciding. The cast happily agreed to welcome them.

Jeon So Min and Yang Sae Chan are “running mates,” which means they star every Sunday but don’t commit like the official cast members.

Running Man’s format is also getting a revamp, though details are unavailable at the moment.

The fans are looking forward to the running mates. With Jeon So Min, Running Man’s girl power will increase. Yang Sae Chan is a rising comedian and younger brother of Yang Sae Hyung, a temporary cast member of Infinity Challenge.

What do you think of Jeon So Min and Yang Sae Chan in Running Man?

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