What a year for  Song Ji Hyo. After having "dated" Gary for years and filming We Got Married with hot Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin, she will finally meet the man of her heart, Park Bo Gum. On the upcoming Running Man episode, which comes to DramaFever on Monday, Mar. 28, Running Man members will summon their celebrity friends to complete missions. 

Song Ji Hyo has had a major crush on the Answer Me 1988 actor Park Bo Gum. Do you remember the intern episode from several weeks ago? When Song Ji Hyo hears her intern's age will be 12 years apart from hers, she flutters and immediately thinks of Park Bo Gum, who was born in 1993. "Maybe it's Park Bo Gum!" the actress yells in a high pitched voice.

On the upcoming Running Man episode, Song Ji Hyo will SOS Park Bo Gum, who comes to her rescue. Gary, on the other hand, will pair with Girls’ Generation Seolhyun for his mission. On a side note, Kim Jong Kook will meet and give a piggyback ride to Girls’ Generation Seohyun in the middle of the street to complete his mission.

Just a couple of weekends ago, Running Man members took an epic trip to Dubai, where  Monday Couple was totally on honeymoon. We are crossing our fingers that Song Ji Hyo’s crush Park Bo Gum will not crush Gary's heart, but we are also anxious to watch Song Ji Hyo and Park Bo Gum’s chemistry.

Will Song Ji Hyo and Park Bo Gum’s chemistry make Gary jealous? Watch the next Running Man episode to find out!

Who is Song Ji Hyo’s ultimate sweetheart?


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