On the latest Running Man episode, Song Ji Hyo cried while thanking a fellow Running Man member for all he has done for her. Scroll down to reveal who made Ace Ji Hyo cry!

On the April 17, 2016 episode, Running Man members reflected on times they had exploited guests and reached out to them to apologize.

The Running Man members said sorry to Park Seo Joon for torturing him with water and gave him apples, which is a homophone for the word "apology" in Korean. Then they apologized to Lee Yo Won (Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi) for ruining her image as a beautiful actress and posed in a photo with her, in which they purposely looked horrible to highlight her appearance.

The members also apologized to webtoon writer Cho Seok for not playing the name tag game when he visited the Running Man studio. Cho Seok’s popular webtoon The Sound of Your Heart is being made into a drama starring Lee Kwang Soo.

Later, the Running Man members poured their hearts out to one another, revealing things that they’ve kept a secret during six years of friendship.

Three out of the seven members said they’ve considered leaving the show. Kim Jong Kook said he fell into a slump when he became ill. Gary said he’s debated between pursuing variety shows or music.

Song Ji Kyo shared she once lost confidence in her position on Running Man. She thanked Lee Kwang Soo for comforting her and cried, “Thank you for listening, letting me grumble, and treating me like nothing happened afterwards.”

Just last week, Song Ji Hyo met her celebrity crush Park Bo Gum, whose presence threatened Gary. A couple of weekends ago, Running Man members vacationed in Dubai, where Monday Couple was totally on honeymoon.

Watch the latest episode now:

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Photos: Running Man / @sbs_runningman_sbs