“If I don’t finish the race, I can’t leave?” Gary clarifies the mission with a snort! In the upcoming Running Man episode, which is Gary’s last, the cast will race to help Gary leave, though none of them wants to let him go.

We think Song Ji Hyo was especially sad to film with Gary for the last time since she said when filming the opening scene, "I'm not going to cry today.”

Later in the episode, Song Ji Hyo and Gary played their last game as a Monday Couple. She had to hit him as hard as she could and, being Ace Ji Hyo, she gave him her best slap in the forehead! What a Running Man way to say goodbye to the boyfriend, right? Let’s just say she really wanted for him to win.

Gary had announced he’d leave Running Man to focus on music. Since then, he shared a short letter with fans on his Instagram.

“Hi, everyone. It’s Kang Gary.

I’m so sorry for everyone who were surprised by my sudden leave. And thank you for your affection, love and advice for the past seven years. Wherever I am or whatever I do, I’ll do my best not to disappoint the fans, who made such unforgettable happy memories in my life. On the other hand, I’m uplifted that many fans are rooting for my decision. I’m sorry and thank you once again. Finally, please continue to show your love for Running Man and its cast. I love you!”

Song Ji Hyo  has said she roots for him, asking the fans to “keep Monday Couple as a piece of memory."

Don't forget to watch Gary's last Running Man episode ever! The episode will also reveal Song Ji Hyo’s handwritten letter for Gary. It airs on Monday, Nov. 7.

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