The hilariously fun variety series Running Man has been popular not only in South Korea, but also in other Asian countries. It's so popular that it's been translated into many languages, including English right here on DramaFever where it's always in our top 3 performing shows. Now, its popularity is about to lead to a Running Man invasion of China.

Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has just announced that there will be a Chinese Running Man edition, custom-made to adapt to fit better with Chinese culture and a local audience. China's Zhejiang TV is the favored partner to be selected. Once the agreement is signed, SBS will co-develop the Chinese Running Man and the first show will be expected in the fourth quarter of 2014. Top Chinese stars will be selected for the Chinese adaptation of Running Man to capture the viewers' hearts.

By the way, the Chinese name for the subtitled show is the translation of its tagline, "不要走了 跑起来" or "Don't walk. Run!" However, it's been reported that the name for the new Chinese Running Man will be "跑起來,好兄弟" which means "Run, Buddy!"