Fans of Running Man rejoice! After a long and grueling emotional roller coaster ride filled with intrigue, betrayal, anger, and tears it seems that the controversy surrounding the hit show will have a happy ending. After officially airing its final episode earlier this month, SBS has just announced that Running Man will be returning to the small screen once again! Just what went on behind the scenes for the producers of the show to make this decision, and what will the cast now look like? Read onto find out!

It is unlikely that the produces of the show knew just how big of a controversy the December 13th announcement regarding the re-structuring of Running Man and the departure of Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook from the show would cause. 

However, following a massive backlash from the shows fan base regarding the producer's treatment of the two stars, by December 15th it was announced that Running Man was to be canceled after the final episode which was to be aired during the first week of January 2017. However, fan anger reached an even higher pitch when it was revealed that Song Ji Hyo had been brought to tears after being removed from the show.

In response to the controversy the producers of Running Man publicly apologized to fans stating:

“We are sorry, we will work harder from now on. Running Man members, we are sorry we couldn’t protect you. We will do better from now on…”

While it seemed like the controversy had driven the final nail into the show's coffin, SBS subsequently announced that Running Man would be holding a "tour across Asia" which would focus on individual members and last through March. And to the relief of dedicated fans, it was also revealed that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo would both take part despite having been initially removed from the show.

However, it seems that SBS -- after much deliberation -- has officially decided to un-canceled the show and will be bringing back all members!

SBS announced:

“Running Man will continue to air with all the members in place!! Due to the overwhelming sadness of both Korean and International fans over the end of Running Man, SBS and the 6 members have decided to continue the Running Man series. SBS’ Chief of Headquarters, Nam Seung Yong, who originally created the show Running Man in 2010 has been meeting with the cast since the beginning of the year until recently to have deep conversations [about Running Man]. Through these conversations he apologized to the members over and over again for the incidents that happened during the re-formatting of the show. The 6 members agreed to stay on the show [after these discussions].”

The Chief of SBS Headquarters even went onto apologize, 

“I sincerely thank the Running Man members who made the difficult decision to stay on the show. In order to repay fans who loved and supported the show for the last 7 years, we will do our best to make Running Man even more enjoyable.”

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