By Sara A. Layne Guess who’s back! I missed you guys and reviewing dramas! So without further ado, let’s get into the exciting news! RUNNING MAN is coming to Dramafever! *Happy dance* This has got to be one of my favorite variety shows ever. Wait, you haven’t seen or heard about RUNNING MAN? Okay, I will give you a quick run-down. RUNNING MAN is a variety show that started back in 2010. Gag Man Yu Jae suk, Haha, Gary, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-Kook (fan girl scream), Lee Kwang-su and Song Ji-hyo are the regular cast members, along with a few idols and actors, run around completing missions to win the game (hence the name, Running Man). If that doesn’t make any sense, think of The Amazing Race show done in one day and that’s Running Man. The missions vary from race missions to missions where they have to drive to different places before the other team gets there. What makes this show so great is the fact that it is so funny! I don’t know if I am biased but I think Yu Jae-suk is the funniest gag man around.He has absolutely no problem in doing the most ridiculous thing just to make sure his team wins. Also the games they have to play will put anyone with half a sense of humor in stitches.Sometimes we as fans forget that there are other sides to our idols and favorite actors then what we see in a drama or when we’re at a concert. RUNNING man is a great way to see their lighter funnier side. So many idols have been on during the past 90 episodes, I’ve lost count but some of my personal favorite guests were Heechul from Super Junior, Daesung from Big Bang,  TigerJK and Yoon Mirae and Jessica from SNSD. It has been hard in the past, to find all of the shows with English subs and that don’t look like they’ve been recorded on VHS (look it up, younger generation) so I am SO HAPPY that soon we’ll be able to enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed; with Dramafever awesomeness! Let me know if you’ve seen Running Man before and what your favorite episodes are. To read more from Sara, click here!