Running Man's Gary will be releasing a song for the soundtrack of Ji Sung and Hyeri's romantic comedy The Entertainer. Gary revealed a behind-the-scenes photo from the recording studio on April 25. 

In the photo, Gary and singer Woo Hye Mi sat attentively at the meeting table to discuss the soundtrack for The Entertainer

Gary has collaborated with a number of artists, but this is his first time singing a soundtrack since he debuted as a hip hop duo Leessang member.

By the way, Descendants of the Sun’s Goo Won couple recently showed up at a Running Man filming site to film the After Sunset Race episode. 

We are super excited about The Entertainer, in which actress Park Shin Hye has confirmed to play a cameo. What do you think of the drama so far? Spill in the comments below!


The Entertainer

Starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri)

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Photos: Gary / @kang_gary8888, @mr.gaegun, Running Man / @sbs_runningman_sbs