Running Man’s HaHa, singer Byul, and their son Dream are excited and happy about a baby on the way! "(Byul) is currently 4 months pregnant with her second baby. The two are very happy after finding out about the pregnancy,” their agency shared.

Haha was the happiest person to hear this news. He had really wanted a second child, according to the sources! He is taking really good care of Byul, assisting her with visits to the gynecologist’s.

Following the news of the second child, Byul said on Instagram that she’s been having morning sickness. “Cute cotton candy friends at the filming set. I haven't been able to eat because of morning sickness but, thanks to this sweet cotton candy, I am sugared up. Thanks for your congratulations!” Byul said.

Congratulations, Haha and Byul! What do you think of this Running Man couple? Aren’t they so sweet?

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Cover photo: Haha / @quanhaha79


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