Running Man members Kim Jong Kook and Haha's 2014 Running Man Bros tour was this Saturday in NYC, and before the incredible show they held an intimate fan meeting that left all their fans (including me) even more in love with them than ever. Here are the highlights of what they told us at the fan meet and press conference hosted by Tune Entertainment! 

Kim Jong Kook and Haha energetically walked onto the stage to the screams of their American fans. They then immediately jumped into answering fan questions, with Kim Jong Kook answering each question in perfect English. 

Q: If you could do a duet with any American celebrity, who would it be?

KJK: Will Smith because I met him once and he was really humble and nice. After that I became a big fan of his.

Q: Since a lot of you are singers on Running Man, are you guys going to put a Running Man album together?

KJK: We sing together all the time. We always talk about it, but we have a lot of actors who are really busy. So I'm not sure, but for you guys, maybe someday we'll make it happen.

Q: What do you think about the Chinese version of Running Man?

KJK: The Chinese Running Man is really big now. It's the number one show in China. They even made a movie of Running Man. I joined it and it's going to come out in January. It's good for us. I want to see the American version of Running Man too.

Haha: Ohhh, me too (laughs).

Q: Who has been your favorite female guest so far?

Audience: Moon Geun Young!

KJK: Moon Geun Young? (laughs)..Wow, I don't know....All of the Korean actresses and Korean singers are beautiful. It's really hard to pick one. I was really surprised that you guys were so beautiful too! Seriously! 

One enthusiastic fan just then asked to get a glimpse of Haha's eyes, and even though he had barely come off a plane and was really tired, he laughingly obliged.

Haha: One, two, three!

How cute are their smiles? I died! 

Q: Kim Jong Kook, what are you looking for in the perfect woman?

KJK: Well, I need a woman who can cook. Actually I don't like too skinny girls. I just need a healthy girl who can love me forever.

(Of course all the girls screamed at that and jumped up pointing at themselves!)

Q: How much can you lift?

KJK: About 200 pounds. Do you work out? I can tell. You need to do some cardio, man! 

Q: My question is for Kim Jong Kook Oppa and Haha-shi...

Haha: Wait, wait, wait, why Kim Jong Kook Oppa and Haha-shi?

KJK: Ohh she's older than you...haha.

Q What's your favorite nickname on Running Man?

KJK: Oh we have a lot of nicknames, right? I like Spartan (laughs). 

Haha: I only really have one nickname: Haroro. I have Haroro...I have Traitor...

Q: Haha, what was your favorite action scene in Running Man?

Haha: I don't know, there are so many!

KJK: Wouldn't it be Iron Man?

Haha: Oh, Iron Man!

Watch Haha play Iron Man in this episode of Running Man on DramaFever:

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At the end of the Q&A, it was announced that a few lucky fans would get a signed poster, but when Kim Jong Kook and Haha realized how devastated fans would be who didn't get the chance, they said that they would sign EVERYTHING! They had all the fans come up one by one to meet them enthusiastically and signed everything from posters to Running Man name tags. 

They even took groups photos with all the fans and the occasional lucky fan got a selca with them.

After the fan meet, there was a short press conference. 

DramaFever: What was one of your favorite moments on Running Man?

KJK: When we played soccer with Park Ji Sung. I’m pretty good at soccer, so that’s one of my most impressive moments.

Q: Haha, what was the most memorable game for you from Running Man?

Haha: I have such a big fear of heights that I get really scared when we have to be high up. I’ve never even paid to go on a roller coaster myself. When we went to Macau Tower I remember it because I hated it so much. It was really, really terrifying.

DramaFever: How about your favorite game?

Haha: Anything but that. Something that is safe, like eating missions.

DramaFever: With Running Man being our number one show on DramaFever, Kim Jong Kook, your English is so amazing! How hard was it to learn English, and how did you get your English to such a high level?

KJK: I’m still working on it. I like coming to the States. I go to LA two or three times a year. I have a lot of Korean-American friends, and I study by myself really hard.

One of my favorite parts was when they gave their best aegyo, of course!

I already loved Kim Jong Kook and Haha from Running Man, but after seeing how incredibly nice and charming they are in person, and how excited they are to please their fans, they have become two of my favorite Korean celebrities in the world! Thanks for not only putting on an amazing show, but for also taking such good care of your fans, Kim Jong Kook and Haha!