Last week we wondered if Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo were the next Monday Couple. On this week’s Running Man, Kim Jong Kook was totally swooned by his date, which triggered the fans to wish for his marriage this year!

“I felt I wanted to protect her,” Kim Jong Kook said after a date with a beautiful 29-year-old accountant Jung So Young. The Running Man members confirmed his feelings when Haha said, “I’ve never seen Kim Jong Kook that thrilled,” and Yoo Jae Suk added, “I’ve known him a long time. He’s into her right now.”

Though awkward at times, Kim Jong Kook remained courteous and considerate throughout steak dinner and cruise along Han River.

For instance, when the date said, “I don’t think our eating habits would overlap. I like to eat but I like unhealthy food, like meat and greasy food, and don’t eat a lot of vegetables,” Kim Jong Kook said “I’m not a picky eater,” which was far from the truth!

When Jung So Young commented, “Haven’t you picked Yoon Eun Hye as your Ms. Right?” he refused, explaining, “I meant she was the female celebrity closest to my ideal type. It wouldn’t be like that in real life.”

On the cruise boat, Kim Jong Kook asked for her favorite song. She answered his song, One Man, but he ended up serenading her with Kim Bum Soo’s Last Love!

By the end of the date, Jung So Young realized, “He really took care of me. He was different from what I thought he’d be like,” and said she'd like to continue to see him!

The Running Man members celebrated the couple and so did the fans, who commented online that, whoever Kim Jong Kook chooses, fans want him to get hitched this year!

The last bit of Running Man news is that Gary visited the filming site for the first time in three months and filmed an episode on Jan. 17. We can’t wait to see him again on the show!

Do you wish Kim Jong Kook would get married this year? Tell us below!

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