For the Running Man family, the 2016 SBS Drama Awards surely was an emotional place to be at, especially for Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo.

At the Drama Awards on Dec. 25, Lee Kwang Soo received a variety award for his performance in Running Man.

As Lee Kwang Soo got on stage and received flower bouquets, Song Ji Hyo wiped tears with her fingers and then turned back to hide her crying face from the cameras.

On stage, Lee Kwang Soo opened his mouth to say thanks, but his voice was muffled as if trying hard not to cry. After a few seconds, he turned his head sideways and shed tears. Song Ji Hyo, watching Lee Kwang Soo, seated at the Running Man table, was still blotting out tears from her eyes.

Below is a video and transcript of Lee Kwang Soo’s variety award acceptance speech.

Thank you God. Thank you so much. I’m not sure how to give my acceptance speech. Thank you very much and…
I’m sorry.
Thank you to all Running Man staff members who worked very hard to make this show possible.
Thank you to Hwan Jin, Chul Min, and Young Woo PDs. Thank you to writers and all other staff members for working so hard.
(Thank you to) Suk Jin hyung who taught me variety (shows) and life,
Jae Suk hyung who helped me become who I am,
Jong Kook hyung who is my mental guidance,
Haha hyung who is like a family,
My Ji Hyo nuna, Gary hyung, Joong Ki, and Lizzy.
I love you very much and I was very happy.
Since I was 26 until I became 33, I was very happy for the seven years. Thank you for this immense award and immense love.
We will finish the show well.
Thank you again. I’ll try my best and provide healthy laughs. Thank you very much.

Two weeks ago, the Running Man production team one-sidedly let go of Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo. Read more about the controversy here and how the production team and cast members solved it here.

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