Lee Kwang Soo This afternoon, at Seoul Yeongdeungpo District’s Times Square, Lee Kwang Soo attended a press conference for MBC’s new drama, Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire. At the press conference, he discussed how he prepared for his new role, compared to his previous roles. Lee Kwang Soo said, “I think the first thing is to look at the script a lot and prepare. Instead of trying to change, if I think about being moved by the script and to express myself, the viewers would watch and set the differences [to the previous characters I've played] aside.” He elaborated, “It can be a hardship but also an advantage. I think it will be a villain of my own. I shouldn't say it has to be different from Running Man. I spoke a lot with the director, and if I become immersed in it, I think I’ll be able to act it out naturally. I try not to burden myself too much about changing it.” Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire will take place in 16th Century East Asia, and tell the story of Joseon’s first female pottery craftsman Baek Pa Seon and her fierce love affair. Finally returning to the historical drama genre, Moon Geun Young will be playing the role of Joseon’s first female potter. Yoo Jung and Lee Sang Yoon will be play the role of the ambitious prince Kwang Hae. We can't wait to see how the story unfolds. (source: nate news)