The battle is back, and this time it's super hot and super model-licious! This week I've tossed in two guys who began their careers as runway-ruling fashion models. Pinocchio's leading man Lee Jong Suk is battling his bromance buddy, Love Cells' very own Kim Woo Bin! This is a serious battle, and you better judge Top Model style! Only one can be crowned "Runway God," so be as shallow as possible and choose wisely!

The Grey Suit: So here we have both guys on their way to work, each wearing their own take of the classic grey suit. Woo Bin is obviously a scary CEO on his way to destroy some small town factory, while Jong Suk is clearly a spoiled heir heading to the family company just to show his face.

Dark and Delicious: Both guys walked in the same show, and in a pair of fabulous boots at that! LJS is all about that hair and lush fluffiness in the collar, while KWB looks like the most awesome cat burglar in the universe #RobMeKWB

(LJS Photo credit: Baidu Bar)

Underwear: Well? I mean a fashion model models fashion, and underwear is fashion, so these photos are not in any way out of order. In fact, ask yourself this question if you were a fashion designer: Which guy's body type works better with clothing? #FocusOnTheQuestion

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Jacket Collars and Cropped Pants: LJS looks like the definition of "Preppy Perfection," while KWB just looks like a sexy, smoldering bull!

(KWB Photo Credit:

You've reached the end of the battle, and as you can see, both Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin are staring at you intently waiting for your decision. Who will you crown as "Runway God?" #TeamPinocchio or #TeamLoveCells 

(Photo Credit: Vogue Girl)

Make sure to support both of these beautiful guys by watching their new series! Click here to watch Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio, and click here to watch Kim Woo Bin in Love Cells.

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