Ryu Hyo Young has confirmed that she will star in JTBC new weekend drama tentatively titled ‘Wild Chives and Tofu: 12 Years Reunion (달래된, 장국).’ In the drama which will air in March, Ryu Hyo Young will show lively charm by playing a 19 year-old girl who is smart and pretty from a wealthy family. She was a boyish tomboy in her previous KBS 2TV drama School 2013, and this time viewers can see her true colors.

Da Hae (Ryu Hyo Young) will be in love triangle Yoo Joon Soo (Lee Won Geun) and Jang Gook (Yoon So Hee). Da Hae (Ryu Hyo Young)’s story that spending her high school senior life between Yoo Joon Soo(Lee Won Geun) and Jang Gook(Yoon So Hee) who is pregnant after a mischievous World Cup night in 2002 will catch viewer’s attentions powerfully.

Ryu Hyo Young spoke of her aspiration by saying “I have a great expectation and excitement, and it makes me fail to get to sleep with the first shooting ahead. I will be an actress that learn hard, and try to do my best not to be harassing"

And the news about which actress and actor will be taking those characters for the story in 12 year later, Jang Gook (Dalrae in 12 years), Yoo Jun Soo and Da Hae is being watched with keen interest

This JTBC drama is a romantic comedy about a girl Jang Gook that fells in love with a good-looking boy in high school and got pregnant. 12 years later, the same girl appears in his life again as a fellow doctor working in the same hospital but with a different name and her newly 'renovated' face through a successful plastic surgery (new name: Dalrae = Wild Chives). When he sees her again, he falls in love with her again for the second time of his life. It will start to air on March 22th for 50 episodes.