[caption id="attachment_31249" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Oh Man Seok"][/caption] Style's Ryu Shi Won married his 5-months pregnant girlfriend in a secret ceremony at the Seoul Grand Hyatt before taking off for a Hawaiian honeymoon. Although the nuptials were supposedly a very private affair, photos from the event soon leaked, and although the bride's face was blurred to protect her privacy (not sure why, since she's marrying a pretty big star), the vacation in Hawaii is sure to produce plenty of amateur photos of the newlyweds. The college musical drama What's Up gained another cast member, with the addition of Oh Man Seok, set to play a professor. The Song Ji Nah (Sandglass) -penned show has been greatly anticipated ever since open auditions were held to populate the fictional classrooms earlier this year. The second wedding pictorial from Mary Stayed Out All Night came out, this one featuring Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk. Like the first, which also included co-star Kim Jae Wook, the tone is much more comic than romantic. Fans who haven't already devoured the manga original can find out what's the story behind the wedding when Mary premiers November 8th. So Ji Sub just issued a teaser that he's opening his first official fan club in Japan on 11/11... Next weekend marks the beginning of the new drama Smile Mom, about the relationships of 3 sets of mothers and daughters. Character stills from the family drama came out earlier this month, and you can see new photos of stars Yoon Jung Hee, Lee Jae Hwang and Go Eun Mi from Mom's recent press conference here. Is Runaway impacting the upcoming live-action version of City Hunter? Producers are apparently reconsidering the direction of the drama after watching Rain's comic, sexy, womanizing character on Runaway--not a million miles away from City Hunter's well-known detective. The cause for concern isn't necessarily a utopian drive to deliver a completely original concept, but rather Runaway's sinking ratings. And finally, more gossip surrounding Show Luo's Golden Bell miss. When Show lost the Best Actor award for Hi My Sweetheart (he was beaten out by 15-year old Wu Cheng Ti), evidently co-star Rainie Yang (who took Best Actress) cried for him backstage, causing old rumors about whether they had a more-than-platonic relationship to reemerge. And then there's the story of the recently very religious Show's sex life. Not only did he say he "thanks God" that he didn't have to do a sex scene with Lynn Hung for their new film Material Queen, but the very specific type of STD that he's taken to Twitter to proclaim he does not have (if he had contracted it, he said it would make him walk funny) was revealed. The curious can find out all about it here.