[caption id="attachment_9417" align="alignleft" width="284" caption="Han Hyo Joo"][/caption] Actor and singer Ryu Shi Won, who last starred in Style, is trying his hand as a music producer. Ryu is commandeering the return of Rottyful Sky, who debuted at the age of 13 in 1991. Her first album since then has been reportedly 8 years in the making. Personal Taste's Lee Min Ho is coming out to greet fans at a fan meeting scheduled for June 22nd. The event, titled The Special Day With Minoz, is open to 4,500 Korean and overseas fans, but it's probably already too late to snag a ticket: within the first minute of sales, 2,500 tickets were sold! IRIS has been repackaged as a feature film, and not only did they edit 20 hours of action down to movie size, they also cut three of the main stars out for the new poster, as seen at Cannes. One factor in the decision was to try to make the most of the international popularity of Big Bang's T.O.P by giving him prominence on the poster. Rain is heading into mandatory military service at the end of September. South Korean law allows you to postpone entrance into the army if you are a student until age 28, which is what Rain did (it also allowed him to continue his entertainment career, and completing his drama Fugitive). New posters and images from a couple of new dramas on the horizon: first, from the lush historical drama Kim Suro starring Ji Sung. Then, in a completely different mood, sporty, kinda silly posters from UEE's Birdie Buddy. I especially like Lee Da Hee's golfing outfit. Somebody has a crush on Han Hyo Joo... Well, probably a lot of people do, but this guy's famous: Tatsuya Ueda, of the Japanese boy band KAT-TUN, has said that when the group tours Asia this year, there's one special lady that he won't leave Korea without meeting--and that's the lovely Han. Finally, a goofy low-fi photo series from Kpoppers 4minute: there are tears of joy, deadly staredowns and an all-out fight breaks out when the girls' new album arrives!