Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun are setting 2017 couple goals!

The beloved celebrity couple wed in Seoul's Mayfield Hotel yesterday, and Ryu's agency released a couple of photos of the newlyweds in sheer bliss. In the photos, The Virtual Bride actor and Let's Drink actress are holding hands in the middle of the aisle while smiling and laughing at each other. 

The dapper groom seems completely taken with his bride as she smells her bouquet in the second image. The 37 year-old actor looked handsome in his sleek black tux, while his 29 year-old bride was a vision in her white, off-the-shoulder wedding gown and flowing veil.  

After meeting on the set of 2013 action series Two Weeks and dating for two years, the pair finally made it official! They join the ranks of fellow celebrity couples who are not only finding happiness, but making our fairytale dreams come true too. Congratulations!

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