Two Weeks star Ryu Soo Young did his moral duty as a human being by bringing a child he met on a trip to Madagascar back to Korea with him for surgery. Back in March, Ryu Soo Young went on a charity trip for 12 days to Madagascar to give back to those in need. While there, he met 5 year old Michael, who because of an accident, lost fingers on his left hand, and had a shriveled up right hand caused by 1st degree burns in a fire.

Ryu Soo Young visited Michaels house where just he, his 3 year old sister, and mother lived without electricity or running water. After taking care of Michael during his stay, Ryu Soo Young decided that the best thing to do was take him back to Korea for help. Because of Ryu Soo Young and the Miral Charity organization, Michael will be receiving a prosthetic left hand and surgery on his right.

There is a very popular article written by famous utilitarian and Princeton professor, Peter Singer, that talks about how it is our moral obligation to give back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. I’ve always agreed with him, even though his viewpoint on the subject is a bit on the extreme side, but I’m always happy to see when an entertainer uses their celebrity status to help make a difference in the world. It’s very refreshing to see that instead of spending 12 days doing something useless, Ryu Soo Young spent that time changing someone’s life for the better.

Way to go Ryu Soo Young!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE