Now, that tvN’s Misaeng is over it's time for Siwan to tap into his super stardom! Siwan has become an overnight acting sensation following the success of his latest series. After Misaeng's ratings became the second highest for a cable network program in Korea, the Z:EA member has been approached by production companies with around 50 scripts appealing to him to act in their projects. 

“We have received about 50 scenarios, and we are currently reviewing them. Many of the projects place Im Si Wan as the lead actor," an affiliate told Newsen. His supporting role as Park Jin Woo in the 2013 courtroom drama film The Attorney began showcasing his acting talent. 

Watch Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook team up in the thrilling action romance Healer:

In 2010, Im Si Wan debuted as singer with the Star Empire Entertainment boy band Z:EA. He made his first cameo appearance as an actor in Prosecutor Princess the same year. 

What do you want Siwan's next project to be, a movie or K-drama? 

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