More details came out regarding the tragic news that the father and grandparents of Park Jung Soo, also known as Leeteuk from the K-pop group Super Junior, had died together. Although first reports by SM entertainment claimed that the deaths were the result of a car accident, the police and media outlets announced that Park Jung Soo's father was actually suspected of a murder-suicide. According to police, their bodies were found at their home by a relative, and not at the scene of a car accident as initially reported. A suicide note was reportedly found at the scene.

One Korean media outlet revealed that Leeteuk’s father is suspected of having committed suicide after strangling his parents, quoting a Korean police report. The police disclosed that Leeteuk’s grandparents were found lying on a bed covered with a sheet, and Leeteuk’s father hung himself with a compression bandage on a door handle. There was a suicide note in his father’s own writing that said, "I will be leaving with my parents. I will be carrying them with me." The police suspect that Leeteuk’s father, who reportedly struggled with depression, strangled his parents who were suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

SM Entertainment released a message stating, "The family of the deceased is suffering heartache over the unfiltered news that is being reported about their loss. We are asking on behalf of Leeteuk’s family that you do not announce sensational reports." While SM was most likely just trying to protect Leeteuk's privacy, they may have intensified confusion by initially blaming a car accident for the deaths.

In any case, our condolences go out to Leeteuk, his family, and all those affected by this very sad news. We hope he feels the love and support he is receiving from fans across the world.

(Source : MBC, SBS News)