sadlovestoryToday we uploaded all 20 episodes of Sad Love Story, a somber drama about two people who are deeply in love and the struggles they go through as fate throws one obstacle after another to keep them separate.

Joon Young (Kwon Sang Woo) and Hae In (Kim Hee Sun) loved each other dearly since childhood when he would often fight the bullies who tormented him because he was fatherless and his mother worked in the red light district, and Hae In because she was a blind orphan. Hae In had lost both her parents when she was very little and was raised by her aunt who was an entertainer in sketchy nightclubs. Fate separates them as Hae In moves with her aunt to live in New York.

While there, Hae In was falsely led to believe that Joon Young died and becomes distraught with grief, and shortly thereafter, meets Gun Woo who happened to be Joon Young’s best friend studying in the US.  None of them knew of this fact until it was too late because Gun Woo knew Joon Young by a different name, Joon Kyu.  Gun Woo pays for the surgery to restore Hae In’s sight and helps her launch a successful singing career, and they return to Korean as a couple. Then life gets pretty complicated for these three as the drama unfolds into an emotional rollercoaster.

Sad Love Story has many of the elements that make Korean dramas so enjoyable – convincing actors, storyline that keeps you on the edge for more, and of course, lots of melodramatic moments.  As the title would suggest, this is a really sad story so keep that box of Kleenex nearby as you watch this.  Enjoy!

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