Taiwanese actor Shone An was a rising star who shined brightly, if only for a brief moment. He succumbed to liver cancer on June 1 at the age of 31. He was well liked and had many friends. Many Taiwanese and Chinese celebrities have expressed sadness and condolences. Among those who felt the deepest impact were Ady An (Go, Single Lady) and Kingone Wang (Someone Like You.)

Shone and Ady An, the beautiful leading lady of Go, Single Lady, were very close and dear friends. Shone played leading man Mike He's assistant in the romance comedy drama. 

Ady had several romances that ended in breakups. Shone once famously said to Ady that if she was still single at the age of 35, he would marry her. It's been reported that when Shone lay dying on his deathbed, Ady rushed to fly back to Taiwan and whispered into his ear, "I'm here." Ady is 35 this year.

(Cosmic Boyz photo: Kingone Wang is on the very left, Arroy Li to his left, and Shone An is at the bottom left.)

Kingone Wang and Shone An used to be in the 6-member group Comic Boyz, which disbanded in 2005. Shone eventually shifted his focus to China and recently completed 2 new projects where he starred as the leading man. Kingone Wang has also moved on to a flourishing acting career, recently completing Someone Like You.

Another member, Arroy Li , passed away at the age of 29 in 2012 due to sudden kidney failure. When Kingone first heard of Shone's death, he was stunned and said, "This isn't real, is it? I had no idea that his health was in such a condition." Shone's death adds a second loss to the original Comic Boyz group and weighs heavily on Kingone Wang. 

Shone's liver illness was a sudden recurrence that he only found out about 2 weeks before his death. During his last on-air appearance on a Taiwanese entertainment program on May 20, the topic of discussion was about sleeplessness, and he said, "When I close my eyes, will anyone remember me?" People were not aware of his serious condition (and even he himself did not know how little time he had left). Now those words have marked the end of a young and promising life.

His memorial service will be held on June 8. He will be cremated and then buried alongside his beloved grandparents. Before his death, he reconciled with his father, with whom he had a bitter dispute for a long time. 

We would like to convey our sincere wish to Shone on a peaceful journey to his afterlife, and may a new star rise and shine brightly in the nighttime sky.

Shone, you will be remembered!

~ NancyZdramaland

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(Photo credit: Shone An Facebook, as referenced, or as tagged)