Korean actress Ha Ji Won has lost her beloved father. As many friends paid respects at the funeral hall, more details have been revealed.

Ha Ji Won's father, Jeon Yoon Bok, died suddenly from a heart attack. He was 68 years old and seemed in general to be in good health. The sudden death surprised his family, and Ha Ji Won is reported to be grief stricken.

Many friends of the actress visited and paid respects at the funeral hall set up at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital. The visitors included her former co-stars Hyun Bin and Lee Seung Gi. Ha Ji Won was seen holding hands with her brother, actor Jun Tae Soo, with tears in their eyes.

Ha Ji Won recalled her father to be a most affectionate father who raised his children with laughter and never spoke harshly with them, and she also remembered how happy her father was when she achieved her dream to be an actress.

"Ten years ago, my father was told he had a myocardial infarction, so he had consistently taken medicine all that time," said Ha Ji Wan. "Even just the day before yesterday, he said he felt stuffy inside, so he went to the hospital and he thought it was an acid reflux, but he suddenly collapsed, and within a few hours, he was unable to ever wake up again from a heart attack. I had never known that seeing him that day would have been the last."

The close and affectionate relationship between father and daughter was evident when Jeon Yoon Bok was interviewed for a magazine special on Ha Ji Won in 2014.

Jeon Yoon Bok said, "First thing for most, all I want for Ji Won is to find the right one for her, the deserving one, but I would hold to the principle that virtues are reciprocated in good fate, and our Hae Rim is one of the best daughters so she would find someone that won't hurt her. All I can say is, she has already done her responsibilities and duties in this family. I just hope that this time she would have time for herself. I don't want to leave her in God's time that she doesn't a have her partner in life, life is short, I want to assure myself that my daughter would be in the right hands."*

It is no wonder that Ha Ji Won said, "He was only 68 now, so I don't know what the rush was for him to leave his family's side so quickly. I can't believe this at all and I feel numb as if it's all a dream."

We would like to extend our sincere condolences to Ha Ji Won and her family. 

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