Supermodel, fashionista extraordinaire, and radio host Lee Sora has revealed she's leaving Roommate, and it's all because of her current schedule.

Another bed will be empty now that Lee Sora has decided to move out of the Roommate house due to her conflicting schedule. She's already spoken with the producers, so this is official, and there's no word on if she plans to come back to the house after her schedule lightens up a bit. As you know, Park Bom was the first to leave the house. Now, sadly, fighter Song Ga Yeon will have that huge room to herself.

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Maybe it would be a good idea if NaNa and Soo Hyun move into Ga Yeon's room so she wont have to be alone or shake things up and bring in two new roommates. Apparently, "the producers are also thinking of altering the format" of the show. No idea how, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Are you more upset about Lee Sora's departure or the fact that Ga Yeon is now living in that room alone? Comment below!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE