If you're a regular at Trader Joe's, you may have recently noticed a sad absence on the lonely shelf where their kimchi once resided. Sadly, Trader Joe's will no longer carry their handy version of the delicious Korean dish, but why? The answer may surprise you!

We wanted some answers, so we asked Trader Joe's themselves, and here was their explanation:

"Thank you so much for contacting us, and we are so sorry for the absence of our delicious Kimchi! We loved it, too. Alas, our supplier could not offer us a form of packaging that didn't bloat (we had to pull the product from our shelves several times due to near-explosive packages), so we really had no choice but to discontinue the item. While it wasn't a great seller nationwide, either, we ARE on the look-out for a new supplier. If we can find a supplier who can produce kimchi to our specifications and quality standards (no GMOs, no artificial preservatives, no synthetic colors, etc.) and at a price point that we think is a value to our customers, we'll go for it!"

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So, there you have it: Trader Joe's pulled their product in order to protect you from a crazy kimchi explosion!

Let's hope they find a great new kimchi supplier soon!