There's a market for anything, I suppose. A man in Japan has been arrested for operating a business that caters to those with an odd fetish.

Japan is known for having pretty specific adult services for all sorts of desires and fetishes. A club has just been shut down in Yokohama for illegal labor practices. The owner had been hiring high school girls to put pro-wrestling holds on men for a price. For only about 20 dollars, customers could get a girl to put them in any wrestling hold of their choice, for five whole seconds. That's right, five seconds. You can't even give up in five seconds! You can also pay for a slap to the face, by the way. The most requested hold was the Figure Four Neck Lock, followed by the Armbar and the Triangle Choke Hold. His club has made profits exceeding 150,000 dollars, and some girls made up to 3000 dollars a month.

So far, the defendant's excuse was, "I didn't think it was illegal." Maybe he should have hired adults.