Diners at this new restaurant in the sky in Shanghai, China have got to be crazy or have a strong heart. Not only are they paying high dollars for a meal, they are strapped in their seats and then hoisted by a crane to over 165 feet above ground, just for a bite to eat. There are probably better ways to spend their money, but these guests seem to enjoy the thrilling experience.

Four Seasons Hotel Pudong Shanghai decided to give its customers a whole new experience in outdoor dining, that is, dining in a hanging restaurant in mid-air. At the 'Dinner in the Sky' restaurant, diners are fastened into chairs with safety belt as if they're getting ready for a thrilling roller-coaster ride.

Although this type of mid-air dining experience was first started in Belgium, this is the first time that it is offered in China, and judging from the photos, the table was seated in full. And no one had to go to the bathroom, or maybe they just couldn't.

The view is certainly fabulous with Shanghai's iconic Oriental Pearl Tower in the background. Of course, the diners themselves are also a spectacle to people who witness this incredible event.

The 'Dinner in the Sky' restaurant can accept 22 customers at a time, and says it will serve 14 such dining trips within 3 days. It costs $8888 yuan (US$1431) for a full 7-course gourmet meal with wine, or $1888 yuan (US$303) for afternoon tea. According to the customers interviewed in this video, they thought the food was great and the interesting experience was worth it.

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Do you think it's worth it to try dining in the sky? I don't know about you, but I am such a klutz that I'd be afraid of dropping a fork and it hitting someone beneath.