The second season of Sailor Moon Crystal premiered this month on television in Japan, where a new band of four villains is set to stir things up for the group of superhero girl warriors.

Black Moon Clan, an evil band made up of one female and three males, has the Sailor Crystal in their sights and are out to get Sailor Moon herself. The clan consists of the leader Prince Demande, Saphir, who is Demande’s brother, Rubeus, and Esmeraude, the only female. Esmeraude is secretly in love with her leader, Prince Demande, but why is he so obsessed with Sailor Moon? Fans will have to watch the anime to find out.

When you’re in a love triangle with two versions of Hyun Bin, who do you choose? Find out in his comeback drama, Hyde, Jekyll, and I:

Looks like the Sailor Moon girls are going to be dealing with some crazy cats.

The Black Moon Clan