Japan's Sailor Moon fever seems to show no signs of cooling down in 2015, as seen by the recent release of two official Sailor Moon products, with one of them costing more than 


"Heart," a new Sailor Moon heart-shaped phone, made in collaboration with mobile phone companies Y!Mobile and WILLCOM and toy manufacturer Bandai Company, opens up for when you need to answer it. Because of its shape, it can be used as an accessory while on standby, and when it rings, you can open your heart and have a conversation with it. Unfortunately, despite its lovely looks, it can't do much, only capable of being used to talk and to store contact information. There's no texting, no picture-taking, no internet, no nothing. All it is, is a phone. But it's cute, and it's cheap!

The tiara, on the other hand, is pretty but super-expensive. Made by renowned tiara designer Taro Kamitani, and also in collaboration with Bandai, this wedding crown costs a whopping 370,000 yen, or about 3100 dollars. So for those women who want to fulfill their dreams of getting married as a Sailor Moon bride, they're going to have to put up some cosmic amounts of money. But since getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (for most, anyway), maybe it's worth it for the most extreme fan.

Both of these items are part of Sailor Moon's ongoing 20th year anniversary campaign, which is incidentally entering its third year. And just yesterday, the release of a Sailor Moon pen and middle school uniforms were announced in Japan. Expect to see a whole lot more in 2015.

Heart phone and accessories

Stand-by (left) and talk (right) mode

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Designed by Taro Kamitami

Sailor Moon Serenity Crystal Wedding Tiara

Sailor Moon Bride