Sailor Moon is loved all over the world, but it's pretty safe to say that Japan ranks at the top of the list when it comes to making Sailor Moon, by way of products, a part of everyday life for her fans. After all, where else in the world do they sell Sailor Moon maxi pads?

In collaboration with Elis Ultraguard, a feminine hygiene product manufacturer in Japan, Sailor Moon Crystal is selling limited edition maxi pads. Apparently, in Japan, slang for that time of the month is referred to as "Sailor Moon" among many young women. These new pads come in six different types, categorized by nighttime/daytime use, absorption levels (light to heavy flow), and the number of pads per pack. The pads are all ultra-thin and designed for maximum comfort, and the packaging and wrapping is decorated with Sailor Moon warriors. A test run will start October 10 in 32 locations throughout Japan. The official date these Moon Prism Power pads go on sale is November 1, and there is only a limited supply. If these pads fly off the shelves, which in all probability they will, they may become available permanently sometime down the line. Lucky women will randomly be selected to win official Sailor Moon products after purchase.

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Sailor Moon can sell anything in Japan.

Top Row: Nighttime use. Bottom Row: Daytime use