Both of our leads in the past and Ji Yoon in the present face new beginnings with differing levels of grace at first, but then decide to commit to them and find new hope. Saimdang and Ji Yoon’s new homes don’t represent where they expected to be, as both of them must cope with financial setbacks connected to their husbands pretty much on their own. After a little time to regroup, they both decide to commit to their new homes and optimistically clean and redecorate them to make the best of their respective difficult situations. This first step to embracing their new lives leaves both of them in a better frame of mind.

On the other hand, Lee Gyeom is less willing at first to make the best of his situation and the new beginning that is offered to him through marriage. However, he is finally inspired to take up his art again, which lifts a weight from his heart that brings him a new beginning in an art school dedicated to artists of all class backgrounds.  Join Wendilynn and me, Kate, as we discuss this week's developments in the past and the present in Saimdang: Light's Diary.

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Wendilynn: I loved how the example of Saimdang bravely facing the future before her inspires Ji Yoon to face her experiences as well. That was so adorable to see the moms embracing making things well for their children.

Kate: That was inspiring to see both Saimdang and Ji Yoon stand up to their rough situations. Things did look bleak for episode five, at least. Poor Saimdang, arriving new in town to discover that her husband had sold their house. And Ji Yoon had to basically dodge sexual assault as a designated driver to try and make money to make ends meet. After all that difficulty, it was nice to see them both look at their new homes from new points of view.

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Wendilynn: Ji Yoon needed that dose of optimism. Her life was starting to run her down, I think. It would help if she clued Grandma in but I can’t have everything. Saimdang is clearly too strong a woman for her husband to deal with and his inferiority was a surprise. I had wondered how such a strong smart woman would have such a whiner in an oldest child, but once we saw her husband it was clear. I spent some time reading up on Saimdang and that little scholar she’s got actually grows up to be a major Confucian scholar that becomes celebrated in his own right. So that was a fun piece of knowledge to pick up. I think if they ever get that kid to school, him and the oldest son of our killer paper merchant will butt heads.

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Kate: Saimdang’s husband is a real child, in a number of ways. When he finally came back home--since his daughters forced him to--he was awaiting her presence like he was waiting for his mother to punish him. Then he was playing with the kids at bedtime like he was one of them, and had to be bid to study much like Saimdang had to encourage her eldest son. Still, in a society where women have little legal and social power it is really rare to find a husband that appreciates those qualities of strength and intelligence. Of course Lee Gyeom would have been perfect, but that ship has sailed. I was glad that Saimdang’s husband, at least, seemed kind-hearted, even with all his other deficits. That is much better than cruel and jealous or petty.

Wendilynn: It was clear that her husband was infatuated with his wife when they married. He did stay at her parents inn/home for over a month to moon at her. But I am glad that he didn’t become violent to her. Of course, she’d probably beat him up if he ever tried. Lol She really set Lee Gyeom straight, though. It really shows the adage that behind good men are good women. She gave him the reality check he needed.

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Kate: Lee Gyeom had definitely been relishing his broken heart for far too long. Sure, heartbreak is tough, but he still had so many opportunities in his life to make something of himself, despite his loss of the love of his life. He has a great deal of talent, and is a part of the royal family. He needed that kick in the pants. He was wasting his potential for almost twenty years. I thought that it was also interesting that he needed Saimdang’s talking to and to see her being a good mother to her children to inspire him to create again.

Wendilynn: Losing love can destroy some people and he certainly lost his way. It would have been better if they had explained that the King would kill him if he didn’t break up with her, but oh well. Maybe that’s a good thing because now he’s the King’s spy.

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Kate: As long as the tavern keeper’s daughter and her husband don’t entangle him in anything dangerous any time soon. I’m not sure what she was thinking when she heard Lee Gyeom was in town, whether she wanted revenge or whether she looked like she was still a little in love with him more. Furthermore, I definitely wouldn’t want to cross her husband. He’s brutal.

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Wendilynn: How did they hook up? Did he just pick a girl off the streets to marry? She’d be the type to remind her husband who Saimdang is and have him kill her. I consider those two a dangerous pair to be married. She really is as calculating as he is.

Kate: I envision them visiting a matchmaker for villainous couples. (W: ROFL!) “I’m looking for someone who holds grudges and is good at plotting.” Ha. But seriously, I would like to know how they became a married couple since they don’t seem to have run in similar circles. They could be a serious threat to Lee Gyeom, the King, and when they discover Saimdang is in town, her as well.

Wendilynn: I agree with you that these two together make a dangerous pair and a threat to our heroes. It will be interesting to see how Lee Gyeom and Min Chi Hyung fence with each other for information and power. On the other hand, I’m really enjoying the nice slice of life that these last 4 episodes gave us. They were sweet, too. I think that all changes next week, however.

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Kate: Happiness usually doesn’t last too long in these kinds of kdramas, so we know we’ll be in for some pain soon. I’d like to see a little bit more forward momentum in the present day story as well. It was good to see Ji Yoon’s husband was working on the problem, visiting the questionable painting and starting to connect some dots, but other than repainting the apartment, there wasn’t a lot more forward motion in that plot.

Wendilynn: Well, the lackeys found them. I wonder how Ji Yoon will keep safe the painting and diary with Prof. Choi on her tail to destroy her. I could see him destroying such treasures to secure his reputation.

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Will there be more happiness next week, or will there be more painful developments?  Will MIL finally learn the truth about Ji Yoon's career?  How do you think the evil married couple met?  Let us know in the comments.

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