Galaxy_Note_Park_Si_Hoo_Cheongdamdong_Alice Remember that huge phone they had in Cheongdamdong Alice? Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young's characters all had it. In fact, ALL THE CHARACTERS had the SAME GIANT phone. The phone is dubbed a "phablet" by netizens due to its huge screen. Now, there's been a report that one of these phones exploded! The 55-year-old male from Korea who owned it suffered second degree burns. Samsung_Galaxy_Note_Blows_Up Samsung issued a statement, saying that the reason for the explosion is still unclear, but that this can happen to Lithium ion batteries when there is external pressure or sudden changes in temperature. There was a similar incident last March when a Galaxy S II exploded on a teenager. Cheongdamdong_Alice_Galaxy_note What are your thoughts about smart phones? (,