Samuel Kim Arredondo is a welcomed addition to the K-entertainment industry. The 16 year-old American star, who has Korean and Mexican roots, is taking the industry by storm and helping the next generation get interested in South Korean entertainment. This year, he made his acting debut in the fantasy rom-com Revenge Note 2 as the dark and mysterious character Seo Robin. Samuel's character is involved in a love triangle with the bullied protagonist and his brother. In addition to acting, the young star has also performed as a solo recording artist and apart of a duo.

To celebrate his acting debut this year, let's look as his K-Pop evolution.

1. 1Punch was born in 2015! Samuel (aka Punch) joined rapper One to form the hip hop duo, and they debuted with the catchy track "Turn Me Back". The Anthem was the title of their debut album.

2. Old school made a comeback during his 1Punch days, because they released the vintage single "Nightmare" around the same time "Turn Me Back" came out. It paid homage to the music and fashion style of the past. You have to love those trendy dreadlocks!

3. After being a contestant on Produce 101 last year, he debuted as a solo artist with the single "Sixteen" (from the album with the same name). Rapper Changmo is featured on the song about getting to know your crush.

4. Last fall, Samuel's first full-length album Eye Candy hit stores, and his dance track "Candy" was revealed to the world. He made K-Pop a little brighter with this trendsetter.

5. Last December, he and Filipino-born K-Pop singer Kriesha Chu collaborated for a cute confession song titled "Say You Love me". The music video is tailor-made for comic book lovers with it's webtoon design.

6. Earlier this year, Samuel recorded "Thousand Times" for the" target="_blank">Cross K-drama soundtrack. The video featured clips from the series, and a behind-the-scenes look of Samuel in the recording studio.

7. In May, Samuel got real with his peers' emotions for the dark single "Teenager". The song, which is from his repackaged album that shares the same name, expresses the struggles teens endure before reaching adulthood.

You can start enjoying Samuel's Revenge Note 2 series this Tuesday! Four new episodes will be released every Tuesday.


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