First it was Barbie's Instagram. Now, a pair of character icons from Japan make their social media debut on Twitter, and their tweets are the talk of the Japanese Twitter world.

Japan is a huge Twitter nation. The Japanese are known to tweet so much, they caused Twitter's servers to crash last New Year's Eve when they all tweeted the moment the clock turned 12.

To take advantage of this, Sanrio launched a twitter account for Lala and Kiki, two super-popular brother and sister characters from the star Omoiyari. The word omoiyari roughly means "having concern for others." In annual surveys conducted in Japan, Lala and Kiki are always on top in the category for favorite characters, probably because they're always caring about how everyone is feeling. With such a strong fan base, a Twitter account makes sense, proven by the 43,000 followers since September 1st. It's not only fans of Lala and Kiki that are taking note. Many others, some of whom, like middle-aged salarymen, have never even heard of these characters, have joined in on the party, having fallen for the sweet and uplifting tweets.

"Good morning! This is Kiki! Lala made me pancakes for breakfast. I'm waiting patiently!"

"Good morning! Kiki woke up late. Boys sure like sleeping a lot.."

"I'm cutting Kiki's hair. I think he wants to look good for twitter!"

No wonder salarymen are following too.

"Hi! We are Kiki and Lala. We're starting twitter from today!"

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