Sanrio has introduced another adorable character yet again! Meet 25 year old Aggretsuko, a seemingly sweet red panda, who is an office associate at a respected trading company. Despite her cheery and hard working persona, the pressure gets to her sometimes. How does she deal with her frustration and stress? Its quite peculiar and endearing at the same time!

So how does Aggretsuko deal with unsympathetic superiors and her harsh deadlines? Not only does she get really mad and have a breakdown, she goes out after work and takes out her frustration and stress with heavy metal Karaoke sessions!

Check out this super kawaii clip of the office associate by day, heavy metal head by night:

Everyone has their own unique way of dealing with stress, Aggretsuko isn't alone in her way of coping, at least she can cheerfully look towards the next day as a new day. Aggretsuko just might be the spirit animal of many metropolitan workers.