Welcome back Deprogrammers! We made it through another week of angst and sorrow. The dramaclub is wondering how much more they can take with  Save Me. Join Kate, and me, Young Ajummah, as we discuss whether or not Sang Mi will truly be saved and whether or not this series is worth our sanity.

Kate: A lot of the groundwork from last week paid off plot-wise this week. I think my favorite reveal was that we learned that Hong So Rin is an undercover reporter trying to get dirt on Guseweon, for one. Now all of her actions make sense and I’m not worried that she’s got some sort of ulterior motive that will bite our protagonists in the butt. So Rin seems very level headed and in charge. She’ll be a great ally to rely on. Some of the others… I’m not so sure.

Ajummah: I am so glad that Sang Mi has more people in Guseweon trying to help her. When she started crying after learning that Hong So Rin was an undercover reporter and didn’t believe what the church was pushing, I wanted to cry right along with her. I thought, FINALLY, people were starting to believe her.

Also, I wanted to cry when the Father caught Dong Chul snooping around. For a brief second, I thought Dong Chul would actually start falling into the trap. Thankfully he was just acting but seriously it scared me for a moment.

Kate: I was worried for Dong Chul more in the bathroom. Mr. Jo seemed to be too interested in his activities in the toilet. Then, Mr. Jo kept challenging Dong Chul’s questions and curiosity in ways that made me wonder if he was on to him. I was just certain Mr. Jo would find the cell phone in that toilet and use it to take Dong Chul down, send him to the secret place where Deacons beat people. Now I’m worried that’s in store next week.

Ajummah: I just want someone to beat the crap out of Mr. Jo. He makes my skin crawl. My hope is that Dong Chul is that person and for once, people will back him and keep him out of prison. It certainly looks like things might go in our musketeers' favor because Chief Lee is now on the case. He knows that Sang Mi is lying when she said that she wasn’t being held against her will. Then he sees the Governor walking into that place...yeah he knows something is off about Guseweon.

Kate: Chief Lee’s hands may not be entirely clean, but I thought he had enough curiosity and sense of duty to bring him in the game as well. I thought it was neat to see him remembering his interactions with Sang Mi and the Musketeers and the grandmother’s claims, and recontextualize them all and understand what they might mean. I did wince when he asked Sang Mi if she was being held there against her will, however. Why ask that in front of her supposed captors? That won’t secure an honest response. And Sang Mi has to perform as best she can for Ms. Kang and Father as not to piss them off too much. If only Sang Mi’s mother had safely gotten away.

Ajummah: I wanted to throw my laptop. What’s wrong with him? Why did he ask her in front of anyone? Of course, she was going to lie. I think he knew that though. Maybe he was going to let it go until he saw the Governor? I don’t know.

Speaking of whom, what a gosh darn monster. Did you hear what he said to his wife? Stay dead until he gets what he wants? She should have smacked him. I saw her hand moving last week so maybe she’s getting better. Hopefully, he can get better soon and get to be the mother that Sang Hwan needs.

Kate: Both moms seem to be poised to “wake up” soon. Sang Mi’s mom seemed more lucid until Ms. Kang shot her up with the horse tranquilizer. Sang Hwan’s mom probably has more than enough dirt to put the Governor in his place. Just a couple more episodes. I bet that one of them will come to consciousness in a big way at the end of next week’s episodes, just in time for the final act of the story.

As far as the Governor is concerned, I still think that he will treat Father carefully only as long it is politically useful. After that, all bets are off. I’m looking forward to seeing which of them will have to slink off in disgrace first.

Ajummah: OMG Ms. Kang. I thought that maybe she was coming to her senses last week but this week all bets are off. She is also a monster. This week’s episodes are full of monsters. I mean they’ve been around before but CLEARLY they are no longer trying to hide their true nature. If she ends up killing Sang Mi’s mother, I’m going to be so upset. Hopefully, the reporter will be able to figure out what type of drug Ms. Kang gave her and figure out how to clear it out of her system.

Kate: I don’t feel incredibly sympathetic for Ms. Kang but I do wonder a bit more about her true motivation. She makes me think of an economics concept--sunken costs--right now. It’s the idea that you might not want to change course once you’ve already spent time, money, or other resources on a particular path because it will feel like those resources were wasted. Ms. Kang’s relationship with this church is full of sunken costs, her daughter being the most important one. I think she has doubts, but she lost her daughter because of this church so if she is wrong, if the church is wrong, she lost her for nothing and it was essentially her own fault. I think that Ms. Kang can’t bear that idea, so she’s doubling down. It’s making her into a monster, but I still wonder if she won’t change course. Who knows, maybe her daughter will appeal to her better angels in some sort of mystic vision? Things like that seem to keep happening at Guseweon.

Ajummah: That makes a bit more sense and after listening to you, I’m inclined to agree. Ms. Kang does seem to have that desperate look about her and she mentioned to Sang Mi’s mother how upset she was about her not being a mother to Sang Mi when she needed her.

Since we are talking about how all the members of this cult are shedding their “niceness”, the Father attacking Sang Mi startled me. I really don’t like what the scene seemed to be implying but I feel like I’ve been saying that since the show started. I hope he’s just trying to scare her and not actually do damage, especially since they’ve made such a BIG deal out of her being pure and “clean”.

Kate: That scene was awful! I do think though that the assault can’t go much farther this far from the end. The tension needs to be ratcheted up even further at the end of next week’s episodes. But that scene did show us how far he will be able to go once he gets his marriage. This won’t be some simple union of spirits, and once he the wedding takes place, I doubt he’ll wait to win her over or brainwash her further before consummating the relationship. He seems just about done with waiting.

While he’s showing his hand to Sang Mi about that, I’m also a little worried about Sang Mi’s dad. That process of making him Deacon, brutal as it was, seemed to me another way to trap Sang Mi. If her dad is made culpable not just in being a brainwashed believer, but in the physical violence and perhaps death of Sungeweon’s enemies, how much more can Father hold over her head? Personally, I think she gave up on her dad a few episodes ago, but it might have some kind of impact on her.

Ajummah: I want to believe that she’s through with her dad. When he slapped her mother, she seemed to really have just said forget him. I want to believe that once her mother gains her senses, and she gets the evidence she needs to bring the cult down, she will leave her father and all the other negativeness behind her. I want to believe that but knowing the kdrama laws, it probably won’t be that simple.

As far as her father being made Deacon...was it just me or did it seem like he didn’t want to take part of that laying of the hands business at first.

Kate: He seemed a little bit reticent, but I wasn’t sure exactly why yet. He’s swallowed so much of their tripe so far, I was a little bit surprised at that, too. It’s not like it took much prompting for him to beat or imprison Sang Mi, his own daughter.

I only have a few guesses as to how this will all end at this point, but with tomorrow being our penultimate week, my prediction is that all of our favorite characters will be in a lot more hot water next week. I’d say they’d be in for a tough time, but so far with this show, it’s been a tough time for just about every protagonist.

Ajummah: Here’s to hoping that next week’s episodes are better. I know that Mr. Jo is sending his goons to look for the musketeers. I wonder what he’ll do once and if he finds them. That big bear of a man seems like he can just step on everyone and squash them.

Kate: He almost found them at the restaurant they hang at, too. I am so worried for all of our favorite characters next week. Any show that kills off an intellectually disabled little boy isn’t pulling too many punches.

Ajummah: I agree. Like when Dong Chul found out what the life water was made of. I almost choked on my water. Really we won’t know what will happen until we watch next week.

That’s it for this week’s dramaclub. Did we talk about everything you wanted or did we leave something out? Put all your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll be here next week with another discussion on  Save Me

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