Welcome back Deprogrammers! We’re here again to discuss the ever upsetting OCN drama, Save Me. Our main characters have endured all kinds of insanity and hardship and it’s feeling like they’ll never be able to break free from Father and his strange cult. Join Kate, Young Ajummah, and me, Marakeshsparrow, as we break down this week’s episodes of Save Me.

Kate: What a roller coaster these episodes were this week! I wanted to beat up multiple characters in the cast this week. It was a tough watch, again. All I can say at this point is that the ending to this series better be epic in the justice it deals out. Were you both surprised at how short a time Sang Mi was free before being sent back to Guseonwon?

Ajummah: Yes and no. I wanted her to be free forever, naturally, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that happen without bloodshed. Honestly, I STILL can’t figure that out without bloodshed but maybe there’s a way? I AM surprised that Dong Chul (yes I’m still Team Dong Chul) decided to infiltrate the cult. I don’t get what the endgame is for him. When he sees Sang Mi will he bail her out? Is he trying to collect evidence? Even if he had evidence, what good will that do since the cult had allies everywhere, including the police station?

Marakeshsparrow: Ay yi yi. The anxiety, claustrophobia, and paranoia abound (at least for me while I’m watching this). I was totally on board when Sang Hwan and his crew pulled up in their borrowed car to steal her away--I think that was the first moment I actually enjoyed in this drama. I was cheering at my computer screen. But deep down I knew it was going to be short lived. Especially when they said they were going to take her to the police. Good lord, the frustration is real. I think the only way they could have kept her from the cult would have been to just keep driving until she was so far away from Guseonwon they wouldn’t be able to find her even if they wanted. But these guys are young. They’re doing what they can and what they think is best. I don’t know if they realized how deep and far reaching the cult’s influence is.

Kate: Yeah, other than running away to Seoul or somewhere else, I’m not sure what could be done. Sang Hwan was off to a good start using his knowledge of the law to argue Sang Mi’s case. He’s also found another good tactic, by using the corrupt system to ask his father and the campaign manager for help. With Dong Chul collecting information undercover, and Sang Mi’s steely resolve not just to get away but take the whole place down, I think they’re much better placed to do some more permanent good. I worry, though, about Dong Chul being sucked into another situation that puts him in jail or close proximity to a crime. Sure, the barber helped him out before, but fighting people on his behalf could land him in a much worse spot. He’s too old for juvenile detention now.

Ajummah: A small part of me thinks that something worse is going to happen to one of the 4 musketeers (lol) before this drama is through. I just don’t want it to be Dong Chul. My mouth was on the floor when Sang Hwan’s father was sitting with, well, the Father at the end of the episode. If they are friends, I’m worried that there isn’t anyone who can save Sang Mi.

I’m wondering about the woman that’s giving Sang Mi’s mother the drugs, or should I say not giving her the medication. Is she with Sang Mi or does she have alternative motives?

Marakeshsparrow: I’m very intrigued by that girl and am thinking she’s not as suckered into the beliefs of the cult as the others. I think she still has some sense and sees some of the not so cool things that are going on. My question though is, why stay if you’re not totally a believer? If you have any shred of sense how /could/ you stick around some place like that? I think there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Kate: Hong So Rin is definitely a puzzle. Mrs. Kim’s getting laxatives now rather than whatever they’ve had her on, and she’s had at least one somewhat lucid moment as a result. I wonder if she’ll be able to lift permanently out of her fog now that she’s not being drugged. It never really was established exactly what was wrong with Mrs. Kim. Now that she has distance from the trauma of losing her son, she may be able to heal. I’m not sure entirely what drugs she’s been getting. They could just be trying to keep her loopy to keep a hold on Sang Mi. And why So Rin would be interested in stopping that medication is even more curious. It would be useful for Sang Mi to have as many allies as possible, especially with the deck stacked so far against them.

I’m hoping that Father isn’t entirely a friend to Sang Hwan’s dad, just a useful ally. If the kids can expose the bad practices of the cult, he won’t be useful anymore and Governor Han will have no reason to keep working with or supporting him. Now whether he will keep his promises to Sang Hwan, however, that is an entirely different story. I don’t trust him.

Ajummah: I don’t trust him either. I feel like something is going on with him and his aid. So I don’t trust him on that level and I can’t get the vision of him killing the deer out of my mind. He did that too easily in my book. Hopefully, Sang Hwan’s mother will get well soon and be able to help her son. I saw her hand moving on the bed so maybe that’s a good sign?

Speaking of allies, Governor Han seems to have many of them. Chief Lee is helping him get evidence against some political bad guys, and that meant involving Dong Chul and the barber (though I know the Governor didn’t know that). I hope all of this doesn’t come back to bite Dong Chul in the rear.

Marakeshsparrow: First off, I was momentarily relieved to see Mrs. Kim have her moment of sanity. She saw how intensely and senselessly they were beating Sang Mi (I mean, even Mrs. Kang looked like she thought they were going too far) and ran in like a hero. SECOND, I no longer trust Governor Han AT ALL. I thought he was more or less an honest guy, just a politician, but I’m seriously having my doubts. After he sat with his wife and so resentfully told her he didn’t want her to wake up because she’d never be able to give him what his aid gives him… //shudders// That was just cruel. And it makes me think he has a hidden side of himself, one he keeps away from the public. But at least Sang Hwan’s mom showed signs of waking up after that. Maybe his words shocked her so badly she regained her senses.

Kate: Moms to save the day! Mrs. Kim tried to stop the beating being given to Sang Mi when her fog lifted briefly, and now Sang Hwan’s mother is possibly coming to? Both of them could also play a key role in helping to save our Musketeers. Also, I definitely see a lot of mirroring between Sang Hwan and Sang Mi. I don’t ship them--in fact, it almost seems as if they could be cousins or siblings. They both have invalid mothers, fathers without their best interests in mind which cause them great difficulties. They even share the Sang in their name.

Of course, I bring this up because it clears the way for Dong Chul. He deserves to get the girl here. And they can both be really good friends with Sang Hwan. Right? Right?

Ajummah: As I said, I think in our first dramaclub, TEAM DONG CHUL!!! I am 1000% hoping he ends up with Sang Mi. She even visited him while he was in prison so that has to be something right? Sang Hwan, I just don’t like his character. I mean yes he is working hard to right his wrongs, but he didn’t save his friend when he needed him the most, and he didn’t help the girl he said he liked when she needed someone the most. *shakes head* she definitely needs to be with Dong Chul.

Marakeshsparrow: I agree with you both. I’m definitely getting vibes that Sang Mi and Dong Chul will be the main pairing here--there’s a different energy between them, and though Dong Chul is mostly quiet about things like that, I get the sense that he’s always been in love with her, ever since she first came to Muji from Seoul. And Kate, you brought up something I was noticing too--Sang Hwan and Sang Mi are very similar, at least in certain circumstances of their lives. And his character has really grown on me. I think he’s trying to be a better person and his strength is showing clearly. I think he also realizes there’s some kind of connection between Sang Mi and Dong Chul and I have a feeling that he will step back in the romance department to let them do their thing. Also, I appreciate that he doesn’t seem to be trying to save Sang Mi just because he wants to win her over--I think he genuinely wants to help and make amends for the times he didn’t stand up for her in the past. He’s a good guy, though his dad may not be.

Kate: Speaking of Sangs, what about Sang Jin’s appearance in Sang Mi’s dream/hallucination this week? What did you make of that? It seems they’re really building up the possibility of the supernatural being a part of this story. He told Mom they needed to leave, he told Sang Mi that she’s strong and can hold on just a little longer. Who knows, maybe he told So Rin to stop giving Mrs. Kim the pills? Sure, Mrs. Kim is unbalanced, and Sang Mi looks half starved and dehydrated so all of this could be simply explained away. But the show keeps going back to that well and bringing in new examples. I think that we’re supposed to at least believe in the possibility that Sang Jin’s ghost or spirit is helping too. What do you two think?

Ajummah: I think it's just hallucinations, at least from Sang Mi. They beat the crap out of her and sent her to her room without food and water. That would make anyone crazy. I did notice that Ms. Kang stopped beating Sang Mi halfway through. Maybe she is turning a new leaf. She made some references to her daughter and I feel like maybe the daughter was supposed to the first Mother of Spirits. What do you think?

Marakesh: Yup. That was my thought too. She tried to make her daughter the Mother of Spirits and she killed herself. I’m hoping she wakes up from her deep denial and helps Sang Mi get away in the end. But who knows. What did you think, Kate?

Kate: I thought that too Ajummah! Ms. Kang could be another weak link, especially if her daughter committed suicide or was killed because she was supposed to become Mother of Spirits. The comparison between her daughter and Sang Mi might become too difficult for Ms. Kang to bear, even if she’s trying extra hard right now to get back into Father’s favor. That might wear off if she feels she has to protect Sang Mi from a similar fate to her daughter. It also helps further explain why Ms. Kang was so taken aback when Sang Mi threatened suicide in last week’s episode. Overall though, I guess, what I’m thinking is that it will be rough going, but there are a number of potential allies to the cause of saving Sang Mi and ending this terrible cult. Things could be much worse despite this week’s setbacks.

Ajummah: Hopefully next week’s episodes will shed some more light on the Ms. Kang story and we can figure out if Hong So Rin is an alley or foe.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m hoping next week we have some sort of ray of hope or win for our Musketeers and Sang Mi. I don’t know how much more bleakness I can take. Some of the moments in this week’s episodes were truly disturbing. I think I may need to watch a romantic comedy after this one. 

Well we've come to the end of another week, Deprogrammers. We have about 3 weeks left and the drama clubbers are desperately hoping for a happy ending, or at least some sort of justice. Will Dong Chul and the Musketeers really be able to save Sang Mi? I guess we'll just have to wait and find out. Join us again next week to discuss the next episodes of Save Me

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