Welcome back, Deprogrammers! This week all kinds of things start to hit the fan as we rev up for our final week’s episodes. Even more secrets have come to light. Sang Mi, Dong Chul, and So Rin are trying to keep their lies straight enough to protect what they can. Everyone’s in peril. But things are at their darkest just before light, right? We hope? Join Marakeshsparrow, Young Ajummah, and me, Kate, as we discuss episodes 13 and 14 of  Save Me.

Marakeshparrow: I have one good thing to say about this week’s episodes--I can tell everything is coming to a head and that next week it will all be over. A lot of tension is building and many of the storylines are tying together. I’m actually kind of excited to see episodes 15 and 16, seeing Guseonwon destroyed is the only thing that’s been keeping me going through this drama. I’m telling you, that place better either go down in flames or totally implode. Or I’m rioting.

Kate: I was a bit frustrated as to how many risks our people were taking this week. It’s almost as if they didn’t realize they were in the final plot turn before the end of a tv series. ;) Poor Hong So Rin should have been a little more careful while she was undercover. And Dong Chul just keeps asking way too many questions and popping up in all the right places at the wrong times. No wonder Jo Wan Tae is incredibly suspicious.

Ajummah: I was squeaking all throughout these episodes. Whenever someone got caught or almost caught, I made a noise. I made choking noises when Dong Chul realized Jung Hoon was trapped and getting beaten by Jo Wan Tae and his beastly brother. And I full out screamed with laughter when Sang Mi started speaking in...I’m not sure what in the world she was doing, but it was ridiculous.

Was anyone shocked when Jo Wan Tae dropped that bombshell about the Father being a fellow inmate?

Marakeshparrow: NOPE. Not shocked at all (re: Father being a former inmate). From the very beginning, I’ve been suspicious of him (obvi), but particularly because he kept company with the likes of Jo Wan Tae. I always think you can tell someone’s character by the people they surround themselves with and I think it was particularly telling in this case. Especially since Father has known about “Deacon” Jo’s extracurricular, criminal activities since the beginning--if he were a real man of God, why would he put up with that kind of behavior in his congregation? What I thought was more shocking was the revelation that Father has done this before with other girls. How many? How many has he tried to groom for his own perversions? shivers This is one of the reasons this show give me the total creeps.

ep 13e.JPG

Kate: There was that conversation weeks ago in which it was clear that Wan Tae was a former inmate, and the wording was ambiguous enough-at least in translation-that it could have implicated Father as well. I found Sang Hwan and Chief Lee’s visit to Father’s previous congregation rather enlightening. Embezzlement, sexual misconduct, and oh so many more revelations. It appeared that the congregation thought that he had an inappropriate and possibly sexual relationship with Ms. Kang. I’m not sure if that is true, but that makes her apparent jealousy of Sang Mi clearer, and Father’s grooming of Ms. Kang’s daughter so much more creepy and disgusting. Since Father was already pretty terrible, that’s quite the accomplishment.

Oh, and the revelation that Ms. Kang likely killed her husband and relied on Wan Tae to cover it up? No wonder she’s gritted her teeth and worked with him despite her clear dislike for him. I always wondered why she hardly ever did much more to discipline him than verbal warnings.

Kang Jo panorama.jpg

Ajummah: Now that I think about it, Wan Tae might be the only one that’s truthful in this whole ridiculous cult. He is lying to the outer world, but everyone knew what he’s up to. I’m glad Chief Lee is stepping up to the plate to bring everyone down. I was worried that he wouldn’t do a good job because of his relationship with Sang Hwan’s father. OH! Speaking of which, Sang Hwan’s mother is awake!!! I am so happy! What is the Governor going to do now? I bet he’s done all types of evil things in her presence and she heard it. I hope he doesn’t do anything with to her to keep her from talking to her son at length.

Marakeshparrow: Ugh. I seriously can’t wait--can’t wait--for all these creepos and buttholes to get found out and served a cold slice of justice next week. (See! I actually /can/ get excited about this drama! OMG!) The Governor will lose his standing, Father and Wan Tae will be back in prison where they belong, and hopefully, Sang Mi’s dad will get a swift kick to the head and realize how terribly, terribly wrong he was. This is my sincerest wish. Let’s see if the drama lives up to my expectations.

Kate: Ajummah, I totally called a dramatic awakening by one of the Moms at the end of episode fourteen, and it happened. Actually, both of them are fairly awake at this point, but the timing of the second awakening was particularly pivotal. Sang Mi’s mom seems pretty lucid for being drugged out of her mind for years on end after a psychotic break. She definitely appeared to be giving a little bit of side eye to Sang Mi’s dad when they were in a scene together. Sang Mi’s mom is ready to help fight the good fight in whatever way she can, even if right now all she can do is pretend to be loopy and want to go to New Heaven. I can foresee a happy ending with Sang Mi and her mother each taking care of and comforting one another.

ep 14e.JPG

I am a little more worried about Sang Hwan’s mom. I, too, think she probably has a fair amount of dirt on the Governor, and with her father having been fairly influential when he was alive, she may even have enough contacts and influence to really do serious damage to his career and reputation. I am concerned that puts her in grave danger, though, and can imagine a situation in which Sang Hwan only manages to get a short or a single conversation with her in before she’s attacked or killed.

Ajummah: I agree Kate. She might get killed. I don’t put anything past the Governor. I keep replaying the scene with the deer and I feel like he might get his hands dirty. Especially since he told her to stay dead last week.

Dong Chul might still have the potential to die (I will throw everything in my room if that happens) and Hong So Rin might die by the hands of Tae Wan. Lots of loose ends they’ll need to tie up before the end of the series so time is running out.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I’m worried about Dong Chul too. I’m honestly not super invested in Sang Hwan’s mom, except for what she can do to bring down the Governor, though of course I wouldn’t want to see her “disposed of”--that would truly be tragic. But I’m invested in Dong Chul; he’s the one character in this whole drama that I’ve truly respected and genuinely liked, and it seems like his life has been one difficulty/disappointment after another. If he doesn’t come out of this alive, I will be SEVERELY upset. presents offering on the altar of the drama gods Pleeeeeeeease don’t kill Dong Chul, ok? Pwetty pwease?

Kate: Poor Jung Hoon was so disappointed by his dad being on the take from Wan Tae. I was surprised and glad he was able to get away from Guseweon so quickly and only beaten as much as he was. I also felt so sorry for So Rin. Sang Mi did as best as she could on the fly, rebuking “Satan” in her and hitting her, but it was still an incredibly fraught situation. I don’t think Ms. Kang or Father are trusting anyone entirely at this point. Poor Sang Mi is dancing around trying to keep up with all the lies she has to tell, and which are the lies that will placate them and keep her safe.

With So Rin discovered, I’m a little worried too that Sang Mi will get cut off from communicating with her mom. I’m not sure Dong Chul will be able to run interference. I’m not sure Dong Chul will be able to keep his subterfuge going for too long. Wan Tae wants as much profit as he can secure, and turning Dong Chul in might help as a peace offering to Father. He probably would also enjoy beating the stuffing out of Dong Chul as well.

ep 14f.JPG

Ajummah: Dong Chul has been getting beat up a lot to keep his cover. He had Sang Hwan punch and kick him to keep his cover when they were rescuing Jung Hoon and his coworker, Dae Shik had to punch him in order to get away. I felt really bad for Dae Shik. His mother is so far gone in the cult that she’s borrowing money from loan sharks to give to them. Why does the cult need so much money?

Kate: Probably so Jo Wan Tae can gamble, spend it on women, and become the biggest landowner in Muji County? When Sang Hwan and Chief Lee went to the land office they told him that Mr. Joe had won the lottery, that was why he was able to have so much land. Now, I bet a fair amount of that was donated by cult members too, but Wan Tae didn’t seem to feel what he had so far was enough. And underground torture chambers don’t come cheap, I would imagine. Then there are the perm expenses…. Let’s just say that Wan Tae is living large and the double life outside the cult doesn’t come cheap.

I almost wished that Dae Shik had burned the place down and short-circuited all the rest of the plot. I suppose that wouldn’t have gotten all the justice necessary to give this series a proper send off, though. I also wouldn’t want to see Dae Shik have to serve time for arson.

Marakeshsparrow: Again, I’m not that invested in Dae Shik’s character. I was totally on board with him burning the place to the ground, come what may. I’m still hoping we get to see that place burn. I guess we’ll just have to wait for next week!

What ending do you think the series needs?  Will you revolt if Dong Chul doesn't make it?  Are you worried about Sang Hwan's mom?  Will there be a happy ending?  Let us know what you think in the comments.

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