Welcome back deprogrammers to the final week of Save Me. We made it. We freaking made it! Join Kate and me, Young Ajummah as we finally get some closure to what had to have been one of the hardest to watch dramas we’ve ever seen.  There were fights, and murder, and arson. But thankfully there was also a reunion and freedom and hope.   Did the ending give us the justice we've been looking for? Keep reading to see what we thought of the finale of Save Me.

Kate: I almost feel like I’ve escaped the clutches of an evil cult with Sang Mi. I’m not sure if that was what the writers of the drama were going for, but I think what really was tough about this show was not that it was dark, but that I took it much more personally than other dark series I’ve watched. I felt trapped along with Sang Mi, and it was uncomfortable.

Ajummah: I feel like I deserve a darn medal for finishing this drama. I’m not 100% happy with my ending but I will deal with it. Overall I’m happy how the cult ended. And whoo-wee was I looking forward to that fight scene!

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Kate: I’m happy Dong Chul made it out alive, as did the rest of our musketeers, barring poor Hong So Rin. I know we needed to lose someone else near the end to ratchet up the stakes, but her death at the hands of Jo Wan Tae was brutal. I wasn’t really expecting that. Or to see Dong Chul’s father show up again. It seems our main three each got a parent back in the end, which was a nice touch.

Ajummah: I started tearing up. You all know I’ve been team Dong Chul since day one. I am glad that they gave him something since the whole love thing seemed to fizzle almost as soon as it started. Or did it?? Not really sure what that end scene was about. I didn’t like that she and Dong Chul didn’t have some type of closure but I guess that’s me with my wishful thinking. I also liked how Sang Hwan turned his father in. The Governor turned into such a terrible person. I knew he was evil but to try and kill his wife...wow.

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Kate: Governor Han was much worse than we had even thought before, definitely. I had thought he had just taken advantage of his wife’s illness in a shady way and started an affair with his campaign operative after his wife’s long illness. Nope. He was having that affair already, and when Sang Hwan’s mom threatened to leave him, he pushed her down a mountainside and made political hay out of her injuries. And to finally send his wife to Guseweon’s nursing home? Ugh. I wanted to see him punished far worse than what he was. It was good to see Sang Hwan stand up to him, though, and to see Sang Mi’s mom able to play a key role in helping.

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Ajummah: Right! Hand claps for Sang Mi’s mother. She really got herself together in the last few episodes. I kind of wanted to see her and Ms. Kang have a fight but I guess that slimy woman got away to start a new Guseweon. I wonder if Sang Mi’s father went with her. I didn’t like that she got away with so much. Someone needed to arrest her butt. Oh! I need clarification, maybe you lovely ladies can help. Did Jung Hoon’s father arrest himself when he slapped the cuffs on Jo Wan Tae?

Kate: I’m not sure about that one, Ajummah. It looked to me like Jung Hoon’s father’s actions were kind of unresolved, other than the happy ending he had bonded with his son eating spicy noodles. He did ask to be arrested… not sure if he was. It added another element of tension when we thought that Jung Hoon might turn him in, or Officer Choi might (I loved her visiting Guseweon and telling them to leave Officer Woo alone!), but that really didn’t pay off in the end. I’m glad, though, that the police finally did start to step in and arrest cult leaders for their crimes. I thought the cult fighting scenes were pretty funny, though. All those uniformed cult members kept coming out in groups and tried to stop the police or the Musketeers. Other than Wan Tae and his brother (and the hired muscle prison barber they brought in at the end) I hadn’t really seen the cult members as being incredibly good at physical combat. Laundry? Yes. Drugging people? Yes. Going a little wild in worship? Yes. But fighting? And where were all those fit male cult members hiding for all these previous episodes? I remember more grandmas, ajummahs, and old, seriously ill men.

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Ajummah: That’s all I remember too. Maybe they were guarding those folks in the prison? Who knows. I’m just glad the barber guy was there to back up Dong Chul and Sang Hwan when they were fighting the evil duo because as awesome as they are with fighting, I don’t think they would have won that fight. As it was, it took both of them to finish off Jo Wan Duk. He kept body slamming them. Which was kind of comical in a weird sort of way.

I guess I’m okay with the Father burning to death. He seemed like he drank his own Kool-Aid. He forgot that he really wasn’t fireproof. *sigh* No one tried to save him either.

Kate: Although Ms. Kang is definitely not on the side of the angels, I thought it was neat that she helped to bring about Father’s downfall. Of course, Dong Chul, Sang Mi, and her mother all contributed to and played on Ms. Kang’s doubts so that she would stand against Father, but she definitely stopped working for him. I thought it supremely satisfying that it looked like Father was about to be impaled with one of the crosses on the wall as the fire headed towards him. It would have been more so if the very end hadn’t made me question if Father had truly died. I guess it doesn’t matter too much, though. Guseweon lives. I hope that Ms. Kang and Sang Mi’s dad will be less terrible and not abusive in the way they run it, but I’d rather the whole thing had been finished off. I guess it is hard to change your ways after being brainwashed for so long and so deeply.

Ajummah: I guess so. I’m just so over this drama, lol. I’m mad that the reporter did all that work just to get murdered. It pissed me off. *sigh* I guess it was needed. The final nail in the coffin. Overall I guess the drama wrapped up as best as possible. I really wish that Dong Chul and Sang Mi ended up together. I hate that I wanted that romance because I’m so anti-romance but I think that there was so much negativity with this drama that I was looking for a few positives.

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Kate: I was glad to see the reunited families, though. Sang Mi and her mother’s visit to Sang Jin after it was all over was a lovely scene. Sang Mi looked so happy and centered when she ran into the boys, I forgot my concern about how they would go about building their lives when they got out of the cult. I was worried a little since they’d had financial problems before the cult, and Sang Mi had been forced to drop out of school. Her mom won’t have an easy time getting a good job afterward either. Do you think you put “I was in a drug-induced semi-coma for the last three years and controlled by an evil cult” to account for the gap in her resume, or do you just skip explaining it and hope for the best? I think Governor Han said a couple weeks ago that his wife’s family had been wealthy and important. Maybe she can but in a good word for Sang Mi’s mom somewhere.

Ajummah: I hope so. I did wonder what she was going to do. I didn’t see a school in the cult so I’m not sure how far she went in education. Maybe they can sue? Or actually...what happened to the slush fund? Maybe they can use some of that money to live off of or survive? I’m sure the K-drama gods will sort everything out.

Kate: I’m not sure where Wan Tae’s money ended up. It would be nice to think Sang Mi and her mom could Robin Hood it back to those who were hurt by the cult. I was glad Wan Tae finally seemed to face justice, though. It was touch and go for a while there. He was arrested and ran away. He wanted to make sure he had his stolen money and had to go on a mission to Guseweon to steal it back, and finally seemed to be arrested for good and for the murders he had committed. I would have liked to have seen him face a little more violent justice, perhaps, but it’s good he’s behind bars.

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Ajummah: How in the world do you just run out of a police station? Did the cops just give up on capturing him? I didn’t understand that part. I also wanted him to get a bit more street justice. Like I really thought that while he was choking the barber, Sang Mi would have hit him over the head with the shovel or something. That’s what I would have done. Especially after he let that little boy get hit by the train. I would have taken him out for that alone. But like you said, I guess it’s okay that he’s behind bars.

Kate: Most of the cops in Muji are either deeply corrupt or incompetent, so I guess that’s how his plan to run away from the station worked? They’re going to have to clean house in the police station and government in Muji now that Father and Governor Han have been taken down. Do you think the county will remain a corrupt one? Is there hope, even with Ms. Kang appointing herself “Mother” and Mr. Im remaining a deacon for the cult? Making a shot of him the last one really felt to me that we were ending on a down note. I guess we’ll just have to do what we’ve done for this whole drama and hang on to the happiness and hope we do get and be glad Sang Mi and her mother have finally escaped.

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What do you all think about the ending? Will Father return? Will Sang Mi and Dong Chul, now released from their difficult pasts, fall in love? Has Muji been cleansed? Let us know in the comments.

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