Welcome back Deprogrammers to another depressing week of Save Me. Join Marakeshsparrow, Kate, and Young Ajummah as they try to find some sliver of positivity during this week's episodes.

Kate: Did anyone else need a pick-me-up after watching this week’s episodes? I binged some chocolate and turned on a comedy after episode four to lift me out of my funk. This show is dark.

Marakeshsparrow: Oh Em Gee, you guys. I’m having a hard time getting through this drama. Have I ever mentioned I have a fear of religious extremism? And the fact that Sang Mi can’t get away from these people or convince even the /police/ that she’s in danger kind of reminds me of /Rosemary’s Baby/. //shudders// Not to mention the extreme tragedies that keep happening one after another. //pops open a bottle of wine// I need a drink.

Ajummah: I watched it at work and that was a MAJOR mistake. I started bawling when Jang Goo was killed. How does that help the story along at all? Because it seriously made me want to just stop watching altogether. I hated everything and everyone. Sang Mi...she needs to just cut her losses and run away. Her parents are lost to the cult.

Kate: I alternated between wanting Sang Mi to be craftier with her plans at getting away, and realizing if the situation was getting me so worked up that of course Sang Mi would react emotionally to the abuse she faces almost constantly. Poor little Jang Goo. I guess now he’s dead that’s one less reason she has to stay with the cult. The other credible reason left is her mother. Her mom is so ill at this point, no wonder Sang Mi is having a hard time considering leaving her. Every few scenes Ms. Kang or Wan Tae would tell her she shouldn’t do something to upset her mother. Those sounded much more like threats to me, especially when coming from Wan Tae.

Marakeshsparrow: There was so much that was frustrating me in these episodes about Sang Mi. I’ve been right along with her character for the most part, but where I was practically screaming at the computer screen was when she ran away from them when they pulled over at that restaurant for her to “go to the bathroom.” She stops the cops, gets into their car, AND THEN DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING. I’d immediately be like, “listen, I just ran away from Guseonwon. They’re not what they say they are. They’re holding me against my will. They’re scary people and they’ve even killed a little boy. They’ll come looking for me, but don’t trust them.” But instead, she just kept mum the whole time until the very last minute when she tried to tell the female officer something. UGH. That was way too frustrating. Also, I agree with something you said before, Ajummah--she needs to cut her losses and just leave her parents behind. They seem too far gone at this point.

Ajummah: Exactly Marakeshsparrow!!! I even did a “what would I do” scenario and if my mother was like that and my dad was slapping me around and locking me in my room. I’m sorry but I’d have to leave. Wang Tae seems to be chomping at the bit to get to her, in the physical sense, and I’m not sure how much longer Madam Kang and Father can keep holding him back.

In the other story line, Dong Chul is out. I’m still Team Dong Chul but I don’t understand why he wouldn’t let his friends see him those 3 years. I get that Sang Hwan would probably be on the naughty list but not the other two. Also, that moment when he kissed the glass that his grandmother was pressing against, instant tears. I just want to give him a hug.

Kate: I’m not sure, Marakeshsparrow, that the male cop, Jung Hoon, would have believed Sang Mi for too long after he was contacted by the Guseonwon people. He also basically watched Sang Mi’s father practically physically assault her with that attempt to pray the devil out of her and his main reaction was to say how weird it was. Officer Choi, I think, is willing to question things in the town and listen more than he was, but she’s not there yet. I think that Detective Lee and she will get more of a storyline that follows the cult and the disappearance of the granddaughter of the older woman who came to the police station. Hopefully, Sang Mi will cross their paths sometime when they’re receptive because it looks like the decks were stacked against finding the help that can actually, you know, HELP!

I also want to give Mr. Im an award in these episodes for the creepiest hanging of a decorative cross ever. After locking Sang Mi into her bedroom he nailed that cross to the wall and the sound, the action, the look on his face just all made my skin crawl worse than any ghost or goblin or gore I’ve ever seen.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I guess the bottom line is that for the time being, Sang Mi is trapped with no way out. I’m hoping that Sang Hwan and the guys will be able to steal her away and hide her for a while, but we’ll see how that all plays out. On the other story line, my heart was literally breaking for Dong Chul the whole time. The poor guy really has gotten the short end of the stick and the scene where he was eating jjajangmyeon by himself (and setting a place for his grandmother) was so emotional. I’m hoping he’s eventually able to reunite with his friends and put the past behind him. Honestly, I’d have a really hard time doing that if I were Dong Chul, and a part of me doesn’t want him to, but I think they’ll all need to band together if they’re going to win against something as heinous, powerful and influential as the Guseonwon cult.

Ajummah: I’m trying to decide what I think about Sang Hwan’s dad. I thought he would be a friend but these past 2 episodes are making me think again. That scene where he kills the deer after saying that it shouldn’t live in the state that its in...it made me think of Sang Hwan’s mother. Isn’t she in a similar situation? Does this mean he wants her to die as well? Also, do you think he’s having a weird relationship with his assistant? Do you think maybe she is the mistress? I know that some assistants do WHATEVER their boss tells them to, but she seems a bit off herself.

Kate: Oh, the Governor and his assistant are totally having an affair. Why else would his assistant be so at home with a task life massaging his wife? At least that’s my read. Alone, I wouldn’t find that completely unforgivable since his wife seems to be all but in a long term coma with her eyes open. She’s unresponsive, and nothing so far has seemed to help in more than three years. It would be somewhat understandable if the Governor sought out..eh hmm...companionship of both an emotional and physical nature in the midst of all that. But with the whole deer slaughter scene, the look in his eyes when he snapped its neck and the story he told Sang Hwan’s dad when he butchered it (not to mention his siccing a policeman on one of his enemies with some sort of generalized “take care of it”) makes me think he’s a lot more dangerous than we originally were led to believe.

Ajummah: I sincerely hope that we will get some type of forward progress within the next week. I can’t keep taking this negativity.

That’s it for this week’s Save Me dramaclub! We hope we didn’t drag you down with all this morbid talk. Here’s to hoping that next week’s episodes will be better. Did you agree with what we said or did we miss something? Let us know in the comment section below!

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