Ok Taec Yeon (Let's Fight Ghost), Seo Ye Ji (Hwarang, Moorim School), director Kim Sung Soo, and others presented their new thriller K-drama Save Me at Yeongdeungpo’s Times Square on July 27, 2017. At the press conference, Ok Taec Yeon promised free hugs if the drama exceeds a national average of 5 percent in ratings. “I hope to keep the promise before I enlist," the actor said. Save Me would be his last drama before joining the military.

Save Me is an adaptation of webcomic Out of the World (Sesang Bakeuro) by Jo Geum San, and the first Korean drama that deals with religious cults. It premieres on DramaFever on Aug. 7.

Ok Taec Yeon plays a handsome and smart Han Sang Hwan, who tries to save Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji), who gets pulled into the cult (Read the detailed synopsis here).
“I was attracted to be working alongside great actors,” Ok said. “Plus, I was curious about a religious cult, a topic we don’t hear much daily. It was fascinating to watch my character encounter the absurdities of society and grow.”

Regarding imminent enlistment, Ok said, “I’ll join when I receive the letter. I’m waiting for it.”

Director Kim Sung Soo explained the drama presents various societal problems Korea has at the moment. “The audience would be able to see beyond the somewhat uncomfortable subject matter and empathize [with the characters],” Kim said.

Ok hopes the drama would gain more than 5% in ratings. “On a hot summer day in front of Gwanghwamun, Jo Sung Ha sunbae will get in cold water … the rest of actors will give free hugs,” Ok shared.

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