Taipei residents are calling the dog toilets in public parks one of the most stupid bureaucratic decisions they've ever seen. Apparently there are some toilets installed in public parks that look like child-sized toilets but are actually toilets for dogs. But do the dogs know that's what they are supposed to use when they 'go?'

Each of these toilets costs the equivalent of US$200 and dog owners are mystified about this unusual installation in public parks. They aren't inside the public restroom; they are installed right in the open. What were they thinking? Irate Taipei residents (and taxpayers) are questioning the (lack of) wisdom in installing these toilets as dogs are not interested in using them, and no one knows how to get their dogs to use it. Don't even mention flushing. Some dogs would rather just drink from the toilets.

Perhaps the intent was for the dog owners to dispose of their pets' waste by flushing it down the toilet instead of throwing it away in plastic bags. However, there is no explanation or instruction about these toilets. So that leaves the dog owners scratching their heads.

A negative effect is that these toilets are getting clogged from trash thrown in by humans. So far four public parks have these toilets but there is no plan to install more.

Without training, most dogs probably will look very uncomfortable, like this one who would rather be anywhere else.

On the other hand, here is a really smart dog who knows how to use his toilet and even flushes after use.

That's obviously one very special dog.

Perhaps Taipei's park administration needs this dog for an instructional video? Woof!