Or does it? A recent discovery of a satellite photo on Google maps showing two military jets chasing (sort of) an unidentified flying object is causing quite a stir, among UFO fans and believers, at least.

China has a history of very credible, and at the same time, incredible UFO sightings. Many of the photos and videos of mysterious lights and objects in the sky are very clear and real looking. And some of the voices of the people recording these sightings and freaking out on video sound genuine too, so who knows? China has even had an instance or two where UFOs in the air actually got a bunch of flights canceled at an airport. In one of those incidents, more than 2000 passengers were stranded at Hangzhou Airport for a few hours. That made it onto all major network television news programs. I remember seeing the segment on it. I've actually seen UFOs twice myself, once when I was ten, and again three years ago. I swear! Anyway...

So the Google map photo from above clearly shows something strange. But apparently, these Google map photos aren't really just one actual photo, but a composite of photos. So many think this is just a result of some photo processing stuff. And I gotta be honest, those two trails behind the unidentified object do look similar to the ones behind the military jets. And the one jet isn't even chasing it; it's flying almost side by side! Regardless, it's always fun to see these UFO photos and videos. Because UFOs do exist. It just means that the flying object is unidentified. But I do find it interesting that all the old UFOs from the seventies look obsolete in the photos compared to the ones now, like a car from the seventies. They're getting more modern, UFOs. Like cars! I mean, come on, you're telling me UFOs styles change every year too? Hehe. Either way, I love UFOs.

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So think what you will, and believe what you do. Maybe you'll see something yourself someday. You never know.

What is that?

This is the one that shut down an airport in July, 2010: